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Luka Chuppi: Film Review – Love, Laughs & Live-in Relationships

Verdict: This situational comedy has its heart in the right place.

Bollywood’s latest heartthrob, Kartik Aaryan has proved that he’s a fitting star that can carry a whole film on his shoulders. Starring alongside Kriti Sanon for the first time, he has now returned to the big screen with Laxman Utekar’s Luka Chuppi. The film’s trailer promised a fun romantic comedy that’s packed with laughs and great chemistry from the new jodi. Let’s see if Luka Chuppi delivers.

What’s Luka Chuppi About:

In the city of Mathura, ace TV reporter Guddu (Kartik Aaryan) and aspiring journalist Rashmi (Kriti Sanon) cross paths. Their meet-cute relationship soon turns into a full-blown love story. However, their romance is complicated because Rashmi is the daughter of a high-handed politician (Vinay Pathak) who is a die-hard Hindutva and prohibits romance before marriage. In the midst of the wave of moral policing in Mathura, Guddu and Rashmi’s romance blossoms. Guddu even proposes marriage to Rashmi but she suggests that they should get to know each other better first. With the help of Guddu’s best friend and colleague Abbas (Aparshakti Khurana), they head to Gwalior to try a live-in relationship. Very soon their conservative families get involved with the help of Guddu’s relative Babulal (Pankaj Tripathi) and chaos ensues. One thing leads to another and their modern love story turns into a messy race to the altar.

What Works:

This romantic comedy dives straight into a world where sanskaari right-wing groups are tormenting young lovers. From the get-go, writer Rohan Shankar and director Laxman Utekar begin to call out the strict state-of-mind, delivering the very relevant message through situational humor. Luka Chuppi explores a lot of prevailing themes like moral policing, religious intolerance, and the use of those in the world of politics but at the same time, it’s still a wild Bollywood masala comedy.

Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon are excellent together, just like the film’s trailers promised. Aparshakti Khurana joins them as the perfect third wheel and the three of them share a fun chemistry that’s a treat to watch. Vinay Pathak dons the menacing avatar of a Hindutva leader pretty well. What’s really exciting in this film is the fact that we get to witness Pankaj Tripathi like we’ve never seen him before. He’s loud, he’s ridiculous, he’s always dressed in garish outfits, and he’s definitely a hilarious riot.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Luka Chuppi explores the extremely relevant issue of love and idealistic morals but, in moments, the film fails to execute it effectively. Every now and then, the punchlines and humor also don’t seem to land on point.

Why You Should Watch:

If you’re looking for a fun masala film with tons of humor and dialoguebaazi, Luka Chuppi definitely delivers while also exploring romance in a moralistic society. Watch it for a fun love story and plenty of laugh out loud moments.

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