While watching a dance film, we sort of have a checklist on our minds. Dynamic dances, beautiful romantic leads and an enviable cool dance crew. Unfortunately, Saahil Prem‘s "M.A.D: Mad About Dance" lacked all of it.

Aarav is a passionate dancer, who dreams of creating a dance crew which can represent India in a National Dance Competition. But big dreams definitely come with a bigger price tag. He needs to get an approval for a loan from a bank. To convince the bank manager, he narrates a 2-hour long anecdote. The film then switches to flashback and we are transferred to Sheffield. The rest of the film follows how Aarav and his group of stereotypical desi friends struggle to win a dance-off.


For a dance film, Saahil Prem’s M.A.D is utterly bland. It does have a story to tell. But the with a loose script and mediocre acting, M.A.D turns out to be a dull film. Besides, some amateurish dance routines of Free-style, B-Boying, Locking and Popping by the leads, the film suffers from the zeal and energetic enthusiasm. Regrettably, the chemistry between the lead characters Aarav (played by Saahil Prem) and Aarshi (played by Amrit Maghera) is also missing.

Just in case, if you are hoping to see some incredible dance moves, Mad About Dance isn’t the perfect film. Instead, you will be served with a regular platter of slanted Bollywood drama with a little bit of dance thrown around. But of course, you will get to witness some cool dance moves in the last 20 minutes of the film. Rest of the film is sappy.



Amrit Maghera looks pretty in almost all the shots, but the same can’t be said about her acting skills. Saahil Prem, who also starred in Ragini MMS 2, fails to bring out the passion in his character. His stone-cold expression and not-so-impressive dance moves will make you wonder, if he is actually the lead character of the film.

The music of the film by Dr.Zeus and co-worked on by Saahil Prem also fails to garner attention.

Why should you watch the film?
Salah Benlemqawanssa. Even though he makes an appearance only in the later half of the film, his impeccable dance skills are applause-worthy. Perhaps the only saving grace of M.A.D.

If you are a die-hard fan of dance movies, better skip this one. Maybe you can switch to the Step-Up series or Remo D’Souza’s ABCD: Anybody can dance.

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