Verdict: High on emotions, but low on thrills. 

In the recently released film, 7 Hours To Go, we saw how a common man takes on the system in order to exact revenge for his wife’s death. Nishikant Kamat‘s Madaari, too, follows a similar plotline as the protagonist, Nirmal (Irrfan Khan), kidnaps the Home Minister’s (Tushar Dalvi) son, Rohan (Vishesh Bansal), thus putting the entire country into a state of frenzy. His only condition for releasing the kid is that the police force has to find out where his own son is. After the initial negotiations are done with, it’s all a cat-and-mouse chase between the cops and Nirmal

The trailer of Madaari made it seem like an edge-of-the-seat thriller, but the suspense angle is barely present. The first half is taut, and even though you get a hint of Nirmal’s motive, it does a great job of pulling you into the narrative. Post interval, things get preachy as everything turns out as expected. Barring the twist in the climax, nothing in the second half will surprise you. Madaari

Trust Irrfan Khan to breathe life into a flagging script – the actor is extraordinary as a man who is wronged by the government. The way he expresses his grief and vents his frustration shows exactly what the actor is capable of. Jimmy Shergill, too, is fab as the investigating officer, and after playing a cop in A Wednesday, Special 26, and Traffic, it seems like he can sleepwalk through the role. Nishikant Kamat, who has tasted success with both offbeat and commercial films, tries to keep things tight and manages to do so for most parts. Also, if you compare Madaari with the director’s last outing, Rocky Handsome, it feels like a masterpiece. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:  

Madaari was made with the noble intention of showcasing why the public needs to fight against the corrupt system. But somewhere, it gets lost in trying to be a suspense thriller. It’s not as good as Kamat’s Mumbai Meri Jaan or Drishyam, but is still the best Hindi film to watch this weekend.