Verdict: Rajkummar Rao stands out in this comedy of errors.

India is well-known around the world for a number of reasons, be it science, engineering, innovation, cricket, or cinema. But as Indians, we know that if there’s something we excel at, it’s jugaad. We find means to make things go our way with limited effort but maximum efficiency. Hence, being an entrepreneur is second nature to us. Among Bollywood’s big releases this Diwali, Made in China is one such film that highlights this entrepreneurial spirit through the story of a Gujarati businessman, because where else will a story on innovation and business be based? The comedy drama also marks Mikhil Musale’s Bollywood directorial debut.

What’s Made in China About:

The Chinese Prime Minister is found dead during his visit to India. The cause of death is linked to a soup the politician consumed just minutes before he dropped dead. As we delve into the origin of this mysterious drink, we come across the journey of Raghuvir Mehta’s (Rajkummar Rao) success. A young entrepreneur with many creative ideas, Raghu fails to find success through his many ventures. A trip to China, however, changes his life. There he forms ties with a shady businessman who sells him ‘Magic Soup’ – a sexual performance enhancer that Raghu intends to sell in India. With the help of the sexologist Dr. Vardhi (Boman Irani), Raghu finds a market for his drink and a method to spread awareness about sex education.

What Works:

The trailer of Made in China hints that it is a comedy entertainer but Mikhil Musale’s film does much more. At the core of it all, there’s awareness about the sexual issues plaguing Indian society that we do not talk about openly. Made in China not only brings these problems to the forefront but also suggests that it is perfectly normal for both men and women to seek help. And that’s not the only thing that makes this film woke. Raghu and his wife Rukmini (Mouni Roy) share a perfectly modern relationship, where they smoke and drink together (behind closed doors nevertheless) and also share household chores. Raghu values Rukmini’s opinion and the latter is shown to have a voice of her own, despite not being an important part of the story.

In terms of performances, there’s no movie starring Rajkummar Rao where he has failed to make an impact. Made in China is no different and the young actor carries the film on his back from the start to the finish, delivering punches in a perfect Gujarati accent that he mastered for this role. Boman Irani also provides the much-needed comic relief and the scene where he turns a parent-teacher meeting into a sexual health conference leaves you in splits. Made in China has dealt with an important issue with utmost care and the right amount of humor to appeal to all kinds of Indian audiences.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Made in China is not an out-and-out comedy so if you are expecting laughter at every turn, you might be disappointed. Nevertheless, the cast does its best to keep you engaged throughout the show.

Why You Should Watch:

While Diwali 2019 releases mostly fall in the far end of the inspiration and entertainment spectrum, Made in China is one such film that can appeal to audiences who crave both content and comedy. It opens room for some much-needed discussion and provides worthy entertainment.

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