Review: We’ve seen and heard how one actor’s solo performance can take a film several notches up. Main Krishna Hoon starring Juhi Chawla is a perfect example of that. While this endearing tale does make a fairly watchable children’s film, there are many face palm moments which don’t work in the director’s favor as the empathy he is trying to evoke from the audience will only result in giggles and people rolling their eyes.

Juhi Chawla plays Kantaben who runs an orphanage in a small town finds an abandoned baby boy on a rainy night. As expected, she names him Krishna (Namit Shah) because of the manner in which he was found. One day Kantaben and her aide, played by Paresh Ganatra discover that  Krishna suffers from Epilepsy. This becomes a hindrance for him as it prevents couples from adopting him and Krishna just like any other orphan longs to have his own parents. Main Krishna Hoon thus revolves around how Krishna comes to terms with his ailment and reaches out to Lord Krishna.

As far it’s basic premise is concerned Main Krishna Hoon bears a lot of similarities to the film My Friend Ganesha. In Main Krishna Hoon as well, Lord Krishna befriends our little Krishna and even helps him bash goons which honestly is stretching the superhero element a tad too far. We would have instead liked to see Lord Krishna help little Krishna come to terms with his ailment.

However, the very fact that Rajeev S. Ruia  has touched upon the issue of epilepsy and tried to remove stigmas attached to the ailement is commendable and that takes the film from a 2 star to a 2.5 star. Scenes where the doctor tells Kantaben about Krishna’s ailment and explains that the ailment is is curable, one can easily tell that a deliberate attempt has been made to make Epilepsy sound like just another disorder as opposed to a terminal disease. In a country where people yet continually refer to Epileptic children as ‘retarded’ and awareness levels have only begun to increase about mental health, such a movie can make a world of a difference to parents who’s children are Epileptic and give them hope. The sad reality of how parents perceive their offspring as a ticket to their security and conceive or adopt them not because they love children or want to extend their family has also been brought to light.

Such positivity is great but only to an extent and there comes a point when you’re saturated of the tales of Lord Krishna which are used as transitions when Kantaben narrates stories about Krishna to the orphans. You can’t help wishing they had used another tool that one could relate to. Janmashtami is celebrated almost every second day in this orphanage!!

The guest appearance by Katrina too could have been done away with and it is disheartening how these factors have been used to pitch the film as compared to it’s talented ensemble cast. Whether Main Krishna Hoon will work for children is doubtful as there aren’t too many hilarious scenes, the film is quite a tear jerker and would’ve fared far better had it released in the 90’s but one can be grateful that a film that touches upon Epilepsy has finally been made.

Verdict: Excessively sentimental but a noteworthy effort.

Kanika Rajani

Movie Details
Release Date: Jan 25, 2012
Director: Rajiv S. Ruia
Genre: Animation, Children, Mythological
Run time: 2 hrs 14 mins
Language: Hindi
Cast & Crew: Juhi Chawla,Paresh Ganatra, Namit Shah, Rajneesh Duggal, Misti Mukherjee,  Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif

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