A film with a strong female protagonist is always great fun to watch. Some of these films possess the capability to transport you into the scene of all the real-action and makes you feel empowered and proud to be a woman. For the men, well, it’s the rise of a woman. The film tackles a serious issue of drugs and sex trafficking, and Pradeep Sarkar shows why he is the master of the game. He brings his signature style of filmmaking into Mardaani as well. At many levels, the film leaves you with a Laaga Chunari Mein Daag like taste in your mouth, but eventually, you know that it is Rani Mukerji’s film all the way. Having portrayed some wonderful female characters in the past, it is time that one bowed down to Her Highness as she regains her position as the Queen of B-Town. 

Mardaani is a film that doesn’t come with the tag of the mass entertainer that you can watch with friends and family and have a great time at the movies. It is a film that provokes you to put on your thinking cap and grimly accept the truth of the society that we live in. She leaves the screen with a message that will make you want to respect her character of Senior Inspector Shivani Shivaji Roy immensely. She teaches you to stand up and fight, not sit back, relax and watch the show as though it is your drawing room. She goes on to add that carrying a candle and joining a peace march does not solve the issue at hand. As the character of a strong police officer who stops at nothing to catch her criminal, she is sure to touch one too many hearts while inspiring all her viewers. 

The film comprises some fabulous work by debutant actor Tahir Bhasin. He may be too young to think as big as a kingpin, but post his masterfully performed role, the viewers shall stop attaching age to everything. Afterall, age is just a number. And Tahir Bhasin tells you why you should remember that, during the film and long after that. Bengali actor, Jisshu Sengupta had little to do, paired opposite Rani Mukerji, but he did justice to his role in every way possible. 

A word of caution, though. The film is bound to leave you with a heavy heart, it’s upto you to decide how you want to channelize the feeling. It may take some grit and determination for you to sit through this film, but you must watch it nonetheless. It’s enlightening, engaging and empowering. 

Why should you watch this film? 

Rani Mukerji… Rani Mukerji… Rani Mukerji. Once you’re done soaking in all the awesomeness that the seasoned actress brings in to her character of Shivani Shivaji Roy, you will notice everything else, from the ambience, the shots, the other actors. Having said that, it’s the taut story that engages you through the film’s complete runtime – the real heroine, the real star of the show. Kudos to the complete team! 

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