Based on the life of five-time world boxing champion MC Mary Kom, Omung Kumar’s Mary Kom does punch hard, but somehow misses the right spot.
MC Mary Kom (Priyanka​ Chopra) is strong, indomitable and madly in love with boxing. From a small village in Manipur, Kangathei, Mary dreams to be a boxing champion one day. But being a champion isn’t an easy task, and Mary Kom with her never-say-die attitude and willpower emerges a winner – a true ‘Magnificent’ Mary.



Omung Kumar has​ tried his best to capture the life of a champion on celluloid. But biopics are ​ a​ little tricky. No matter how much you try to get the facts right, the technicalities make the plot tedious and slightly stereotyped. The same goes with Mary Kom. If you are expecting a Million Dollar Baby from Mary Kom, it will highly disappoint you. Mary Kom promises lot of punch and kick, but it ends ​ up​ being a tearjerker. Yes, we all love a little drama​,​ but let’s not forget​ that​ it’s a biopic.

The film gives us ample insight ​into​  the life and struggle of Mary Kom. But, there are a lot of loopholes in the script. It neither focused exactly on the boxing ​,​ or​ on​ the life of the boxer. At times the plot becomes utterly tiresome. ​N​ot to forget ​the ​awkward branding of IODEX, Sugarfree and Tata Salt in the lat​er​-​half of the film. Omung Kumar ​ ​gave a good shot with his debut film, but with the formulaic​ ​plot ​,​ it turned out to be just another forgettable biopic on a world champion.

Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom does an outstanding job. She might not look like Mary Kom, but ​it ​sure was refreshing to watch PeeCee in an all ​-​new look. She did a good job. Darshan Kumar who plays Mary’s husband – Onler, also gives a commendable performance. The cinematography of Keiko Nakahara is rich. Mostly​ shot in picturesque Manipur, the audience will get a glimpse of the majestic North East. The music of the film by Shashi-Shivamm has a tribal-contemporary fusion ​ touch to it​. It is feel-good and gives the film​ its​ necessary punch.

Why should you watch the film?
Omung Kumar’s Mary Kom resonates the story of a true champion – Mary Kom. Watch the film to know more about the world champion. Even though the film does justice to Mary Kom only halfway through, watch the film for Priyanka Chopra‘s acting prowess. This lady can sure knock you off. There are real hardcore punching and training sessions, which might inspire you to head towards the gym asap.​

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