Mighty Raju Rio Calling is the summer treat for all the kids in India from the creators of another popular superhero kid, Chhota Bheem. Mighty Raju – the little superhero, turns into the saviour of Rio De Janeiro with fun and action doubled with soccer, samba and samosas.

Mighty Raju’s father, Swami, has been given a special assignment and has to fly to Rio soon. Sandhya, Raju’s mother is very excited. But for little Raju, he is a bit upset about missing his friends at school. Soon on arriving in Rio, the 4 year-old develops a liking for the new place and makes some great new friends. But adventure beckons our superhero kid wherever he goes. In a pulse-racing face-off with the nasty goons in the streets of the sunny seaside city, watch Mighty Raju Rio Calling to know for yourself if the superhero kid will emerge victorious?

Though it is the first theatrical release, Mighty Raju Rio Calling is the 16th movie in the Mighty Raju series, a spin-off of Chhota Bheem series.

Best friends with Chhota Bheem, the little boy is always ready to risk his life for righteousness and bring criminals to justice. Though there is a huge fan following amongst the children in India for Chhota Bheem and Mighty Raju, but this movie is not captivating enough.

The movie was quite enthralling in bits and pieces. For example, the ‘comic-styled’ action sequence between Mighty Raju and evil scientist, Karaati. Yet another appealing factor was Sunidhi Chauhan‘s melodious voice lent for a song.

The romantic element portrayed in the movie made no sense as toddlers don’t have such feelings at the age of four or five. Also the in-film advertising is something that can be totally avoided in a children-oriented animation movie.

Talking about the technical aspect – the animation, music, cinematography, script, editing and direction, most important of all, needed to be more tight and crisp to make Mighty Raju Rio Calling, a watchable animation flick.

Why should you watch this film?

It’s an animation movie and stars Mighty Raju, the popular superhero kid. If you are a parent to little toddlers, Mighty Raju Rio Calling is your weekend getaway with your little ones.

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