Verdict: An Intriguing Tale That Keeps You Hooked.

A psychedelic display of the title sequence in the beginning with haunting music at the background leaves you expecting more out of this low budget psychological thriller starring critically acclaimed actor Parvin Dabas in the lead. But soon, you are left stunned when the initial scene almost gives a hint of what you are going to watch for the next one and a half hours. Not just that but you also find the camera work shaky in the next couple of scenes. But wait? Stop your thoughts running a marathon because there remains a lot to be seen. Just when you start missing the thriller element, the movie gives you hopes once again.
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This is the exact description of my initial thoughts post the film began. Directed, written and produced by debutante Vijit Sharma, Mirror Game will give you a strong nostalgia if you have already watched David Fincher’s psychological thriller Gone Girl. The film’s title is inspired by the mirror game; a reference borrowed from V. Spolin’s seminal book Improvisation for the Theater where a pair of actors mirror each other. In the context of the film, the mirror game refers to the deeper issues of mental health and disturbance that trap a person psychologically.

The first scene cuts to the 9th day where we see the protagonist committing suicide. Keeping this suspense aside, the director then takes us to day 1; where it all began. Professor Jay Verma (Parvin Dabas), a patient suffering from a mental disorder, meets an enthusiastic student Ronnie (Dhruv Bali) who wants Jay to mentor him for his thesis based on the Professor’s research paper de-linking genetics from psychiatry. The professor agrees to help Ronnie but makes a dangerous deal asking the student to kill his wife, who he thinks is having an affair. Everything goes as planned until things go haywire on the D-day. Jay’s wife goes missing and a police investigation led by Sara Shenoy (Sneha Ramachander) leads to a stage where Jay Verma’s sanity gets questioned. What follows is a ravelling puzzle that makes the guessing game more and more fun for the viewer. Does Ronnie really exist or is he a creation of Jay’s own mind?
Mirror Game - BookMyShow Blog
Acting wise, Parvin Dabas and Sneha Ramachander nail it while Dhruv Bali in his awkward posture throughout the film fails to impress in the second half of the film. Omi Vaidya’s potential remains untapped whereas Pooja Batra in her brief screen time miserably fails to make a comeback. The film boasts of some really aesthetic long shots while also treating us with good background score in certain parts. The film is extremely slow paced and that remains the fundamental flaw alongside the predictability of the story. Overall, the film makes for a decent one time watch if you are someone who gets excited by thrillers and mind games. Though a thriller, there are no scenes that would evoke emotions of impatience or sudden rolling of your eyes in shock. A watertight screenplay would have made the film much better.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you have a penchant for thrillers and love the guessing game until a film’s climax, Mirror Game will definitely leave you delighted. Also, those who need a break from the usual melodrama and typicality of Bollywood, can go for this content-driven film.