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Mirza Juuliet: Film Review – A Raunchy Love Story

Verdict: A twisted take on the Mirza-Sahibaan love saga.

Gone are the days when Bollywood movies were all about mushy and coy lovers dancing around trees and expressing their love to one another. Now, it’s more about showcasing practical, real and sometimes, bawdy love stories. Case in point? Mirza Juuliet, a directorial venture of Rajesh Ram Singh. With a majority of the marriages in our nation taking place without much consent of the girl and only the families deciding on the future, this movie aims at answering the big question: What does a girl really want? Although the underlying message of the movie is something that needs to be made vocal to certain sections of the society, the film fails to do much justice in its execution.

The movie revolves around the protagonists, Uttar Pradesh ki Juliet aka Julie Pradhan (Pia Bajpai), her sexed-up fiance, Rajan Pandey (Chandan Roy Sanyal) and the strong, indomitable hero, Mirza (Darshan Kumaar). The otherwise flamboyant and brash, Julie when asked to marry the boy of her family’s choice, silently agrees to do so, assuming that’s how marriages work. While trying to understand the meaning of marriage, love, trust and friendship through her own family of three brothers and their wives, Julie is left with a number of unanswered questions about these emotions. After looking at the way things work in her family, she thinks that making love and displaying affection is all about males dominating over their partners and at times, even physically hitting them for pleasure. Moreover, her soon-to-be husband, Rajan, who is always horny and lustful, does little to make Julie understand the real meaning of love. Amongst all this confusion of emotions, she comes across her childhood friend, Mirza who changes her outlook towards love and sex. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Mirza Juuliet: Film Review- A Raunchy Love Story- BookMyShow

The sexual bluntness of the film is a major asset. However, in certain sections, it does feel overdone. Darshan Kumaar, best remembered as Priyanka Chopra’s supportive husband in Mary Kom, does a splendid job as the undeterred lover who is ready to give up everything for his lady love. Pia Bajpai does full justice to her character and so does Chandan Roy Sanyal. The songs, however, do little to save the grace of the movie. The storyline lacks freshness and fails to hold your attention for too long. The first half seems a little stretched and the movie only picks pace in the second half.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The film is sharply written with characters that seem real. If you are looking at enjoying a raunchy, rugged and rebellious love story with good performances, go ahead and book your tickets for Mirza Juuliet this weekend.