Verdict: Sridevi continues her streak as a kickass Mom.

Like one of the dialogues in the movie, someone truly said that God cannot be everywhere, so he created mothers. Mom, the movie, is a depiction of a mother's love towards her kids and how she can go great lengths in order to protect them. Sridevi is back and she is exactly opposite of the avatar she donned the last time.

The film revolves around Devki (Sridevi) and her family. She has two beautiful daughters and a loving husband, a perfect family to be precise. However, Arya (Sajal Ali), is a sensitive girl. She cannot accept Devki's love wholeheartedly because she believes that "…a daughter comes into a mother's life. A mother does not come into the daughter's life". Devki still believes that one day Arya will accept her with all her heart. But then a mishap further distances both of them beyond a point of return. This leaves Devki with no choice but to choose between what's wrong and what's very wrong.

Mom review - BookMyShow

This is Sridevi's 300th film and the 50th year of her film career but numbers cannot affect her charm. She is a phenomenal actor, a doting mother herself, she has adapted the character like her own. She is naturally beautiful and Manish Malhotra's magic has only added to it. Her dialogue delivery makes the film very impactful. Her voice emotes her anger, her helplessness, and grief simultaneously.

There's a reason why Mukesh Chabbra is considered to be one of the best when it comes to casting. There couldn't have been a better pick than Sajal Ali as Arya. She is a natural. She plays a teenager and has got everything from the body language to the expressions right. Adnan Siddiqui as Mr. Sabbarwal and Sridevi's husband was as charming to be fit as her husband. Abhimanyu Singh again plays a baddie and how. All the characters have been defined very well and the supporting cast is impressive. Being a Bollywood junkie, I half-expected actors to ham in an emotionally charged film but it did not happen and that is a relief.

Mom review - BookMyShow

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has once again proven that he is a gem of our film industry and his acting skills dominate the screen. This movie becomes another example of the same. His peculiar features will make you wonder about the nature of his character and we won't disclose anything either. Akshaye Khanna plays a cop and has an important character. The best part of the movie is that it makes you suspicious of the characters. 

It is a story about the relationship between a mother and her daughter. Making a story into a movie has been done fantastically by the crew. The direction, editing, screenplay, and execution is worthy of applause. After a long time, they have made a film that will keep you still for some time. Thrillers are meant to give you a thrilling experience but Mom charges you emotionally as well. You will stick to your seat throughout the movie and love the impact it will have on you, all for good.

Mom review - BookMyShow

Ravi Udyavar, the debut director, has proven his potential as a director and an artist. It is easy to shoot at great locations to make the film look pretty but to shoot it like an artist is a different thing. The whole movie, especially the portion shot with the snow and hills, are a treat to the eyes. The film can easily be called a beautiful thriller.

The one thing that makes the execution of this story so impactful is the music and background score, composed by A.R. Rehman. Needless to say, music plays very important role in creating a moment and this thriller owes its thrill so much to the background score. The film questions the law, the court and the judicial system. And all of it hits hard with the synchronized beats. 

The film has a great intent executed beautifully. It is her film, dedicated to every woman who has fought for her family and loved ones. It will encourage you to go to your Mom and tell her how much you love her and owe her.

Why You Should Watch The Movie:
The movie is inspiring and intriguing. Watch it for Sridevi as she creates magic on the screen again. Watch it for the strong screenplay, amazing performances, music and a story that will make you realize things you were taking for granted. We highly recommend you catch Mom this weekend.