Motu Patlu- King of Kings (3D): Film Review – Entertaining

Verdict: An everyday story wrapped in brilliant animation.

For all those of you who know and are aware about the hit series, Motu Patlu, that airs on Nickelodeon, it won't take too much time to realize that this production of Viacom 18 is an expanded version of just that. Directed by Suhas Kadav, the film is largely directed towards children, subtly delivering to us messages about saving the animals, the forest and our environment.

The story starts with Guddu Ghalib, the lion, escaping from a circus and landing at Furfuri Nagariya where he meets Motu and Patlu, Inspector Chingam and Dr. Jhatka who all plan on taking him safely to the National Park. Notorious Guddu, who does not want that is constantly looking for chances to flee and rest in the forest. When they are looking for Guddu in the forest, they realize that an identical looking lion, Singha, rules the forest and is saving his animals from an evil man named Narsimha who wants to destroy everything and steal all the wealth from the jungle. Here on, the story picks up with Guddu, the cowardly lion being mistaken to be Singha, the King of the jungle, and the madness starts.

Although the story may not be something extraordinary, the brilliantly executed animation will make you and the kids want to watch all of the 109 minutes of the movie. The characters in the movie are extremely entertaining starting from Motu who needs at least a dozen samosas to fight anyone to the witty Patlu who has a solution to almost every problem, to the wicked Narsimha, who is evil but cute in his ways. The other characters like Dr. Jhatka, Inspector Chingam, Narsimha's secretary Monica, and the evil Dr. Avishkaari, are an added bonus to the film.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Other than the fact that it ends with a moral, the movie has extremely realistic animation and stills that are too beautiful to be missed. The lion roaring with the sun in the background, the illuminated birds you see at night, and the mystic view of the waterfall will make you feel like you are a part of the beautiful jungle. Also, do stay till the end credits to watch the dance by Motu Patlu and Chingam. It will be totally worth it!

Sanaa Surve :