Same-old story of a college romance and two families from different cultural backgrounds. Luv U Soniyo is the new film from the quintessential run-of-the-mill genre of romance in Bollywood. Formulaic, out of place and trying hard to entertain the audience; the cliche formula executed in a boring fashion doesn’t hold the interest of the audience. A simple story of a Christian boy falling in love with a Punjabi girl who is engaged to a boy from her community. Simple it is, but could have been told on screen in a better manner which automatically means it needs to be interesting in the first place. But it is impassive and monotonous on the whole. The film tries to infuse the fairytale romantic feel to it and at the same time tries to juxtapose it with cultural dissimilarity of the families as the background. The gradual story-telling is not in sync and most of the times out of place.

There are scenes in the movie which comes one after another without following a coherent linearity, which makes it a little confusing. Although there is not much to understand when watching a movie like this for the simple reason that films such as this have come previously and everyone is familiar with that. Hence the importance of making such a film with an innovative approach would have certainly benefited Luv U Soniyo as one can’t deny that the story has a charm of its own. Perhaps due to this the makers decided to make this movie and hoped that the audience will flock to theaters in abundance. It is also apparent that Luv U Soniyo is designed as a launchpad for the hero, Tanuj Virwani (actress Rati Agnihotri’s son) and he tries hard to justify that throughout the film. But sadly both the leads (along with debutante Neha Hinge as the female lead) don’t have much to do in the film as the script simply lacks freshness and sincerity. Still after having listed all these drawbacks, one cannot escape the innocence and charm in the story; the jovial Christian culture and the perky romance of college times. This aspect is the only saving grace of the movie. Rest is just an effort in the name of regular entertainment. Just an effort.

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