The poster of the film Mr. Joe B. Carvalho gave moviegoers a warning to leave their brains at home ’cause he has done it too. Honestly, it didn’t help. Even the popcorn and coke failed to tickle the audience’s funny bone.
It is really sad to watch a good actor like Arshad Warsi going waste on a film like Mr. Joe B Carvalho. After gaining recognition and a fan-base from movies like Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Ishqiya and Kabul Express, he definitely deserves better.
Coming to the movie, it was an utter disaster. There are times when some movies are made just for the sake of making movies. And in the case of Mr. Joe B Carvalho, it seemed that the writer had a bad hangover or was in some state of trance while writing the screenplay and he wanted the viewers to experience the same.
In a gist, it is a story of an aspiring detective and a mamma’s boy Joe B Carvalho (Arshad Warsi) and his not-so-hilarious adventures. His accolades include solving the case of ‘Cable chor’ and the notorious milkman who mixes water with milk. If you are already making the poker face, kindly control your emotions. Enter Inspector Shantipriya Phadnis (Soha Ali Khan) who has done an equally bad job as ‘Miss Dabangg’ in the first-half and ‘damsel in distress’ in the later half.
What was really annoying was to watch Joe’s mom (Himani Shivpuri) who is partially blind (or completely sightless – still confused!) falling off from balconies and terraces repeatedly and still in one piece. It really wasn’t funny! Javed Jaffrey who plays the vicious Carlos was funny in some parts. He played a lollypop-sucking, cross-dressing ‘international terrorist’ who suffers from multiple personality disorder. If that wasn’t enough, he also loses his memory for the better half of the movie. Surprisingly, Shakti Kapoor as the evil Khurana was the only decent funny character in the whole movie. Geeta Basra as Gehna and Karishma Kotak as Nina Khurana, without any remorse, can be nominated as the Worst Supporting Actress.
The repetitive use of dialogues like ‘Maut, potty, aur Carlos kabhi bhi kahi bhi aa sakte hain‘ and the confusion of ‘Joe B Carvalho’ between the characters miserably failed at attempting to make the audience laugh. Soha Ali Khan was also seen as a cabaret dancer for the song ‘Chumma Chaati‘ and wearing a bikini. It was a good attempt but not very memorable.
Overall, the movie was a major disappointment in the name of a comedy. And if you are still willing to take the risk and go for it… good luck. You will surely laugh but only out of desperation.

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