At first glance, Mumbai 125 KM seems like a cliché horror movie. A group of five friends driving down an isolated road late at night sounds familiar, right? In this movie, five friends from Pune decide to drive to Mumbai on New Year’s Eve. It’s not hard to predict the characters’ fates towards the end of the film. However, the true suspense lies in the intention behind the movie title, and of course, the reason behind these occurrences. 
Apart from Veena Malik, the cast comprises of familiar faces like Karanvir Bohra and newbie Vedita Pratap Singh. Decent performances are delivered by the entire cast. Veena Malik looks convincing as the quintessential ‘ghost in white’, although her ‘erotic’ scenes are unnecessary and border on lewd. 
Telugu director Hemant Madhurkar’s attempt at horror should be acknowledged, as the film has been shot on Stereoscopic 3D cameras. Despite the predictability of the plot, some scenes do keep you at the edge of your seat. The music is kept at a bare minimum throughout the movie. 

Why should you watch this film?
If horror, ghosts and eerie nocturnal elements like bats and graveyards are your thing, catch this movie at your nearest cinema. This movie gives a new spin to an age-old formula. Since it is in 3D, you can truly experience the visual horror. 

By Jaanam Dewan

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