Mumbai Mirror: Movie Review

Review: Mumbai Mirror, with an eyeball-grabbing title has you expect a gripping cop drama that would have made a wee bit more sense if it was less cliché and more crisp. You’ll find it entertaining if you’re one of those mortals who’s fed up of serious cinema and just wants some laughs. A true masala entertainer for the whistle-blower audiences.

Abhijeet Patil (Sachiin Joshi), the Police Commissioner of Mumbai best describes his approach to his career & life in his own words,"Mera ek hi usool hai, ki koi usool mat banayo warna todna padta hai”. Encounter killings, frequenting bars and romancing bar dancers and a journalist too, he gets away with it all. Patil, despite his fallacies, is a feminist cop working relentlessly to shutdown dance bars and is up against the powerful drug kingpin, Shetty (Prakash Raj). Patil’s war against Shetty and his other enemies (Sudesh Berry, Aditya Pancholi among others), confronting his inner demons and his past forms the crux of the film.

While the basic premise of a corrupt cop has been tried and tested, Mumbai Mirror takes it a notch higher by portraying a cop who’s torn between his duties and his emotions. After watching Salman Khan in Dabangg 2, Indians have grown to love the righteous cop. However, reality is a different story and Mumbai Mirror depicts Sachiin Joshi very humanely. Our hero nurses a spinal injury, is highly stressed out and is unsure about who to trust. Our hero has also been depicted rather vulnerably and that’s quite moving for a change. Yes, as technically flawed as the film may be, it’s worth a watch for it numerous layers. 

However, what may have been well intended on the director’s part turns out to be nothing short of an unaesthetic pot boiler that goes on. The film seems like it was shot eons ago and the numerous scenes in the bar could have definitely been shot better! The film’s leading ladies, Zara and Vimla Raman, have merely been used as lewd props and the minute they appear on screen, you find yourself rolling your eyes and cringing. To worsen matters, the film’s editing, dialogues and screenplay do nothing for it.

Mumbai Mirror is one of those many disappointing films which has the potential but loses out courtesy it’s execution. However, the film does manage to entertain in bits.

Verdict: Disappointing & lewd. You find yourself rolling your eyes & cringing.  

Kanika Rajani

Movie Details
Release Date: Jan 18, 2013
Director: Ankush Bhatt
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Run time: 2 hrs 20 mins
Language: Hindi
Cast & Crew: Rajendra Chawla, Sachiin Joshi, Gihani Khan, Rajendra Chawla, Mahesh Manjrekar, Aditya Pancholi, Prashant Narayanan, Vimala Raman, Prakash Raj, Durani Shetty

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