We know what you are thinking and the answer is no. Don’t let the title fool you into thinking it’s a sex-comedy or anything funny for that matter. It actually touches upon a subject which we usually disregard despite the fact that it's still rampant and happens every other day. Naked talks about cyber bullying and tackles patriarchy head on, which is the need of the hour.

Naked - BookMyShow

Ria, a fledgling journalist lands her dream interview with Sandy (Kalki Koechlin), who is described as a ‘fearless and bold’ figure among the film fraternity. Living up to her reputation, Sandy shoots a steamy sex scene for a film, which goes viral for all the wrong reasons, minutes before the interview and that puts Ria in an awkward situation. The conversational ping pongs that unfold next gives this film a different facet. Kalki clearly takes the spotlight here. Even though she is limited to a few dialogues, she delivers well and does justice to her character. Ritabhari is somewhat unconvincing in the role of a journalist but it doesn't hamper the narrative.

For a short film to be powerful and thought provoking, all you need is an issue that has maligned the society for years and a few good actors. Naked does just that. The parley between the two actors takes a complete U-turn from starting off on a friendly, ingratiating tone to ending on a casual, raw and bitter truth. In the process, they discover each other and touch upon the subject that women deal with on a daily base – slut shaming. It explains how easy it’s for the trolls and keyboard warriors to shame anyone over social media and never think about the repercussions, the damage it can cause to one’s self-confidence.

Overall, packed with a powerful message that feels like a public service announcement is a must watch this week.