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Nanu Ki Jaanu: Film Review – Not Your Regular Love Story

Verdict: A thrilling comedy-drama with a touch of horror.

Abhay Deol who has previously impressed us with his performance in films like Dev D and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is back to the silver screen after two years with a quirky comedy-drama-thriller, Nanu Ki Jaanu, opposite Patralekha Paul. Written by Manu Rishi, this is not a typical Abhay Deol movie, but a hilarious no-brainer that lets you just have fun.

What's Nanu Ki Jaanu About:

The film revolves around Nanu (Abhay Deol) who is a land mafia agent in Delhi. He is a rugged gunda who acquires property by day and parties during the night. One morning, he finds an injured girl on the roadside and rushes her to the hospital. She doesn't make it. This incident affects Nanu so much that he has to consult a psychologist. As if things weren't bad enough, he goes back home, only to find an uninvited ghost in the house.

What Works:

We are all aware of Abhay Deol and his superb acting abilities. It's purely entertaining to watch as he struggles with the ghost throughout the movie. He has undoubtedly carried the movie on his shoulders. There are a lot of supporting characters in the movie and their casting is on point. Right from Brijendra Kala and Manu Rishi to Himani Shivpuri, all of them put life into their characters. Patralekha has also pulled off the character of a daughter, lover, and a ghost with ease.

The movie stays true to its comedy genre. Right from the very start to the very end, the characters and their quirks keep you chuckling. It also has a fair share of thrill and suspense along with a few scenes that will send a couple of chills down your spine. The makers have tried the get the maximum out of Nanu Ki Jaanu by mixing a variety of genres and adding a few social messages for you to take home. 

What Could Have Been Better:

The movie could have been better with a little less runtime. There a few bits that are not completely realistic but if you believe in the filmy saying, "Anything can happen in love", then this one is good to go too. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The movie is a funny take on love and it does its job of making you laugh. Abhay Deol has done a great job with his character and his fans certainly do not need another reason to go see Nanu Ki Jaanu. If you like no-brainer horror comedies, then we recommend you to catch this one in theatres near you.

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