NH-8 Road to Nidhivan: Film Review – Lacks thrills, chills and intensity!

Where is Nidhivan? What’s the mystery about this place? Why is it forbidden to enter at night? To find answers to all these questions, a group of four friends are assigned to document the mystery. Directed and written by Munindra Gupta, NH-8: Road to Nidhivan is a psychological thriller that attempts to explore a good concept. However, the film suffers from poor direction, flawed script and mediocre performances. Yes, NH-8 is a huge disappointment. It will indeed hit you with the same old spooky formulas that we have seen like a gazillion time before. From creaking doors to creepy shadows, this film has it all. The concept is undoubtedly interesting but the lack of thrills, chills and intensity makes this horror flick a complete bore.

NH-8 indeed starts on a promising note, but loses pace in the first fifteen minutes itself. You know, you are sitting in a bad horror film, if it doesn’t engage you from the start. The dialogues are forced and will make you cringe. The dubbing is terrible and the audio/voice does not sync with the characters. The film lacks finesse and struggles in multiple areas of film-making. Moreover, the cast featuring Auroshikha DeyRavneet KaurSatyakaam Anand and Arjun Fauzdar fail to slip into their respective roles. Their characters lack chemistry and will definitely make you dread. However, the only saving grace of the film is the climax that makes up for the missing elements, to an extent.

Overall, NH-8 is an uninspiring horror flick that will bore you with its botched story.

Why should you watch this film?

NH-8 Road to Nidhivan lacks novelty and creativity as far as horror is concerned. Though the concept is original; bad direction, script and acting will let you down. Catch this film only if you are desperate to watch a horror film. Otherwise, you can give this one a miss.

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