Eight years after he delighted us with Manorama Six Feet Under, director Navdeep Singh is back with another gritty thriller. Starring Anushka Sharma and Neil BhoopalamNH10 is a thriller based on real-life incidents that exposes us to the harsh reality of life.

The story revolves around Meera (Anushka) and Arjun (Neil), an urban couple living in Gurgaon. While driving to work one night, Meera is attacked by unknown men on a deserted road, leaving her scarred for life. To make up for the incident, Arjun decides to take her on a holiday far away from city limits. The holiday soon turns into a nightmare when the couple witnesses disturbing incidents that change their lives. The movie’s intense storyline boldly uncovers the couple’s helplessness and struggle to stay alive. Watch how the suspense and tension starts building as the story progresses.

The film’s powerful screenplay takes us beyond the realms of a safe and secure city life. It sheds light on the rigid traditions of patriarchy and honor killings that are still followed in rural India. Anushka Sharma delivers a stunning performance by playing an independent professional who is suddenly thrown into a violent situation. You can’t help but admire her for the conviction with which she has essayed her role. She is ably supported by Neil, who plays the caring husband and Darshan Kumaar, who is the antagonist. Deepti Naval impresses in her short cameo in the second half too.

The first half of the film is packed with nail-biting drama that unfolds in the most unexpected way. Somehow, the intensity level drops in the second half, but the unpredictable turn of events makes up for it. NH10 is a two-hour ride so brutal and ruthless, it leaves you jittery and shaken.

Why should you watch the film?
NH10 deserves a watch for the sheer honesty and boldness of its execution. Watch out for Anushka’s terrific performance!

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