Verdict: Sonakshi Sinha's Noor hints what journalism should actually be about.

After Akira, Rowdy Rathore and R Rajkumar, Sonakshi Sinha is back in her action avatar, except that this time it's not those physical fights but instead, a fight for justice, as a journalist.

The movie starts with Sonakshi Sinha telling us about the value of time in life quoting Buddha. In and as Noor, the actress plays a clumsy and pointless journalist (as she calls herself) who weighs more than what her Twitter followers are. Noor Roy Chaudhary believes there's a lot more to journalism than what she does but unfortunately she isn't really taken seriously by her boss Shekhar Kapadia (Manish Chaudhary) who thinks celebrity interviews and trending news are the only things the company should focus on. After being made to interview Sunny Leone on her 28th birthday and after making an absolute mess of the task with the celebrity complaining herself, she is fired that's where the story takes a turn for the serious.



While the first half of the movie is spent introducing Noor and her life, it can be safely said that the more interesting bits are Kanan Gill's entry and a cameo by Purab Kohli who plays Noor's love interest. Noor already has enough trouble on her hands as she exposes a huge scam and gets life threatening calls. There is too much happening in the first half, yes.

Kanan Gill playing Saad is probably the only good thing about the second half. While Sonakshi does a fantastic job of being in character and her acting skills are absolutely praiseworthy, it is still hard to understand how running away and vacationing in London could be an escape to all your problems. The film despite having a solid script and intentions to convey a good message, is seen going downhill due to weak execution and a lot of beating around the bush, leaving it to be carried majorly on Sinha's shoulders.

Kanan Gill, who makes his acting debut with this movie is an absolute delight and we cannot get enough of him. The comedian-turned-actor does a great job in keeping any dullness away. Shibani Dandekar, who plays Noor's best friend is also really likeable and there are certainly no doubts one could have about Purab Kohli's acting skills who convinces us that we can see him as a jerk if he wants us to. 

The film's music is decent and likeable. The new version of Gulaabi Aankhein by Armaan Malik is one of the best among the many we've already listened to. You can also expect brand placements like of Asian Paints with dialogues like 'Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai' and Colaba Social. Leaving slight glitches asides, Sippy's Noor does qualify as a one-time watch.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
Kanan Gill's debut and Sunny Leone's cameo are already reasons enough. If that is not all, the movie is based on a Pakistani author's Saba Imtiaz's novel, Karachi, You're Killing Me!.  Noor does convey the message of 'Wake Up Mumbai'. With a little bit of entertainment, and a lot of drama as we all like, Noor is something that could be your weekend plan with your family or friends this evening.