Verdict: A.R. Rahman's on-stage magic mixed with visual brilliance.

It is still under debate whether watching a live concert is better than listening to the artist in the comfort of your home. It is true that artists bring something different when they are performing live but it is also true that watching it from the stands slightly dulls the experience. What if you could get the best of a concert, without compromising comfort? That's what One Heart is all about. In 2015, A. R. Rahman went on a 14-city tour in North America, named the Intimate Tour. The tour was a huge success. With limited tickets, it was performed in closed auditoriums in most cities.

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A. R. Rahman is known to be an introvert and one of the humblest musicians around, and yet his music manages to break across all barriers. The movie starts with an interview he gave in 1995 where he thanks Tamil cinema for his big break and also about how he aspires to take his music worldwide. And take it worldwide, he did. Then begins his Intimate concert with him singing Dil Se's title track. A song we have heard countless times, live and recorded. Yet, he manages to bring something new to the stage. He was eleven years old when he was first introduced to the kind of music he wanted to make. The concert continues with brief interludes to his life as he vacations with his family or chills with his band members. The band members have a lot to say about him as well.

A. R. Rahman's music definitely travels across languages and this movie is the biggest proof. There were a lot of instances where he sang Tamil songs or the original Tamil versions of the Hindi songs but not for a moment you would feel anything is amiss. One such concert-goer who didn't understand any of the Indian languages still had an amazing experience with the music and the voice of the artists.

A lot of his songs were given a new twist as there was a Hard Rock version of O Humdum Soniyo Re and a Jazz version of Tu Bole, Main Boloon. A. R. Rahman was accompanied on stage by Jonita Gandhi, Haricharan and Annette Philips on vocals. Ranjit Barot on drums and Mohini Dey on bass along with Ann Marie Calhoun completed the band. There was also a sequence where each just showed their proficiency with their instruments.

Apart from amazing music, the visuals will also leave you in awe as Rahman travels to the most picturesque locations and you see him there as he talks about his journey to becoming the man we know today.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
A. R. Rahman truly comes alive when he is performing on stage. That, mixed with glimpses of his life, including the insight into what goes into a live performance, is magical. The movie definitely leaves you in awe of the Maestro.

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