Verdict: A Sunny Leone show that leaves us unimpressed!

Sunny Leone‘s One Night Stand starts off as a typical movie. Boy meets girl, they are attracted to each other and the secrets start to unravel. But with One Night Stand, director Jasmine Moses D’souza tries to give us a story that shows us the two-faced nature of society.  

The story starts with a man narrating his story. A street smart guy runs into a beautiful girl in Phuket. It is the perfect setting. The guy is Urvil Raisingh (Tanuj Virwani), who is on a work assignment. He is the blue-eyed boy of his event management company and has just given them another successful show. The alpha male of his work-pack, he can do whatever he wants and get whoever he desires. On a bet, he agrees to woo this girl. The girl is Celina (Sunny Leone). They are instantly attracted to each other, and end up spending the night together. The next morning, Urvil heads back to his life in Pune – a life that includes his clueless wife Simran (Nyra Banerjee). But that isn’t the shocker that the filmmakers want you to experience, both characters held back parts of their lives from one another. And this forms the premise of the film.
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What starts as a one-night stand for Urvil, turns into the story of an obsession that drives a young man off of the fast track road to a promising career and turns him into a man who loses everything. We see his transformation from a young man with a bright future into a stalker, a drunk, and an egotistical man, who is so obsessed that he fails to notice everything in his path. He destroys everything. The film also focuses on focusing how hypocritical the society is to the needs of a man and that of a woman, but fails to delve into the subject and leaves us with just a few-minute-long dialogue by Sunny Leone. The plot could have developed into something more, but the execution fails it. The actors lack zeal, the film lacks dialogues. It lacks the passion for upholding an issue, and hence fails to make a point. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie: The only reason to watch One Night Stand is if you are a Sunny Leone fan and if you are interested in keeping up with her Bollywood work. Also, the plot of the film is different from many Bollywood movies. It is worth a one-time watch.