How do like your soup to be served? Amit Sharma likes it one by two. Yes, it is the same Amit Sharma who is super-pakaoed with life. But why is Amit so pakaoed afterall? Well, there are many reasons.

Samara, on the other hand, is frustrated with her life. She loves dancing, but success seems a dream too far-fetched for her.

Devika Bhagat’s One By Two tracks the lives of Amit (played by Abhay Deol) and Samara (played by Preeti Desai). If you are expecting a typical Bollywood masala flick, this movie is not for you. However, if you just want to relax and enjoy a good romantic-comedy, this is it.

Amit is a regular guy, stuck in a monotonous life: work, home, sleep, repeat. To make matters worse, his girlfriend Radhika dumped him. And now his mom (played by Rati Agnihotri) wants him to get married to a girl named Shisikaa (yes, that’s her name) from Prabhadevi. Well, now you can really imagine why Amit is so pakaoed. Samara is an aspiring dancer. But there is always something or the other coming in her way of success. What happens when these two meet? Is there any meet-cute situation? This is a film on self discovery and following one’s dreams, and has been very well done for its quirky concept.

Abhay Deol as Amit Sharma plays the role as written. But is not at his usual best. C’mon, I just can’t get over the Abhay Deol from DevD and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. It is difficult to say, whether he was ‘acting’ pakaoed or was actually pakaoed in the whole movie. Most of the time, other then sulking, he farted, burped and… farted some more. Excuse me please. At times it gave some comic relief, but later, it became a tad redundant. Preeti Desai as Samara just dazzled. The viewers got a break from the sulky face (and potty talks) of Abhay Deol with her graceful dance moves and screen presence. However, the onscreen chemistry of the real life couple didn’t create as many sparks as was expected and hence became a rather disappointing affair.

Lillete Dubey and Rati Agnihotri did a fine job playing the mothers of the respective protagonists – albeit with a little over-acting now and then. Jayant Kriplani and Darshan Jariwala also did a commendable job as supporting actors.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music is melodic and groovy. Especially the track Kaboom by Anushka Manchanda – it is peppy, the kind of song which you can listen to in order to boost up your lazy mornings. Khushfehmiyan, by Shankar Mahadevan and Sheher Mera by Thomas Andrews are easy on the ears. Overall, the tracks are nicely done and are hummable.

Why must you watch the movie?

One By Two is a romantic-comedy without the usual syrupy melodrama. There are no saccharine-sweet dialogues or the usual hero-heroine song-dance sequence. The movie is about two people living two different lifestyles. Despite its flaws, the movie genuinely is a break from the recent torturous bombardment of loud and over-the-top Bollywood movies. We would definitely like to see more of Abhay & Preeti’s togetherness onscreen.

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