Verdict: It’ll leave you with nightmares for days.

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Bollywood’s A-listers are now experimenting with multiple genres in cinema, unlike the previously clichéd romantic drama. Now various kinds of films feature A-list actors and actresses, most of whom have made a mark on that genre. Anushka Sharma is one such actress who owned the thriller scene ever since her debut production, NH10. Now the actress is seen in a brand new terrifying avatar, in Prosit Roy’s horror thriller, Pari. The first look and poster of the movie sent chills down the spine but these are just appetizers as compared to the film.  

What’s Pari About: 

The story begins with the meeting of Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) and Piyali (Ritabhari Chakraborty), in an arranged marriage set-up. It is immediately established that Arnab is a shy character, possibly even socially anxious. Yet, he seems to strike a connection with the bubbly Piyali. On their way back home, his family meets with an accident, when they run over an old woman who appears out of nowhere. Arnab immediately gets out of the car to help her but there’s not much he can do. However, upon further investigation with the police, he discovers that the dead woman left behind a daughter, Ruksana (Anushka Sharma). Partly due to his gullibility and partly for his guilty conscience, Arnab decides to help Ruksana, who is running from the ‘evil man’ trying to kill her. But she brings with her a host of problems that will change Arnab’s life forever.

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What Works: 

For a horror movie, Pari succeeds in scaring its audience out of its wits. The movie is high on thrills throughout and not a moment goes by where you don’t expect things to take a turn for the worse. Jump scares are aplenty and by the end, you are well aware that you might be losing sleep for days. It is wonderful to see an A-lister like Anushka Sharma take a tricky gamble with this role. She is highly impressive in most parts and if her performance leaves you with uneasiness and dread, you know she has delivered. Parambrata Chatterjee makes his presence felt, even with the introverted nature of his character. Additionally, there’s Rajat Kapoor in a convoluted role, who equally matches up to the caliber of his co-actors.

With a rainy backdrop for most parts of the movie, it establishes a sense of dread and gloom throughout, which is the theme of Pari. There is minimal use of light, as compared to the flashy set-ups you mostly see in the horror comedies of Bollywood. Sound has been used to its maximum potential to cause frights. There are two songs, one just inserted to establish a budding romance between the lead characters, but it is the song in the credits that keeps you awake the night you watch this film.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

While Anushka Sharma delivers a highly disturbing performance, her accent seems a bit polished for her part.  The story is not the crux of this movie, although you’ll enjoy it if you believe in the supernatural.

Why You Should Watch: 

For horror movie fans, this is a brand new challenge. Try watching this film alone and see if you can make it without jumping off your seat. Pari tries to make you uneasy in the worst ways imaginable and all your nightmares come alive on screen. Take your friends along on the train to terror because Anushka Sharma’s Pari is not leaving you anytime soon.