Verdict: Another film exploring Chambal’s hunger for power.

Power is often mishandled by all kinds of people but when it gets into corrupt criminal hands, it only propagates terror. Phamous, directed by Karan Lalit Butani, explored the idea of power and the way it is pursued and handled by two entirely different kinds of people.

What’s Phamous About:

The film revolves around Radhe (Jimmy Sheirgill), a student who is in love with his teacher and also in awe of guns. He once saves Kadak Singh (Kay Kay Menon), a local political gunda, from the police when he was summoned as a witness to identify Kadak as the killer. Kadak Singh is indebted to Radhe but is also highly dependent on Ram Vijay Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi), who is always high on his libido, for political favors. Radhe has a grudge against Tripathi as he raped and killed his teacher years ago. Kadak still managed to work with both until Tripathi started to eye Radhe’s wife (Shriya Sharan). In the meanwhile, Sambhu Singh (Jackie Shroff), the dhaakad in power before Kadak, is back to take the revenge of his daughter’s death.

What works:

Phamous runs purely on the shoulders of the actors. With excellent performers like Pankaj Tripathy, Kay Kay Menon, Jackie Shroff, and Jimmy Sheirgill, the movie is bound to be overpowered by their talent above all. The film has all the cultural nuances of Chambal and the locations are stunning. It is not a period film but it gives you the feel of all the dacoit movies from the 80s and 90s as it puts forward the fact that nothing has changed at Chambal over these centuries. There are gunfights, heavy dialogues, colloquial phrases, and Pankaj Tripathi to keep you entertained and engaged throughout the movie.

The film also introduces another term for Baahubali – Dhaakad.

What Could Have Been Better:

There are a few scenes where you can actually make out the CGI work, which is not up to the mark. But apart from this minor flaw, the actors will keep you entertained.

Why You Should Watch:

The film has comedy and innuendoes along with some violent gunfights, providing you with a good dose of both. If you dig gangster drama, gunfights, and brilliant performances, then this movie will be perfect for this weekend.