Verdict: The ugly truth we need to see.

You can’t say you are a feminist without getting looks of disdain from people. A word which was coined for the necessary upliftment of women has now been turned into something else. But that hasn’t solved the issue. There is still need for it, and nothing else could portray it better than Pink. Shoojit Sircar, who has managed to give us gems like Madras Cafe and Piku, has churned out yet another masterpiece. The story is simply about a regular city girl who you might find living next door or in your own house. She has a job, a place to stay and she doesn’t mind partying. The movie explores the important topic that when we say we are liberal, are we really?
Pink Movie Review - BookMyShowThe movie starts with Minal (Taapsee Pannu), Falak (Kirti Kulhari) and Andrea (Andrea Tariang) returning home a little shaken. They all seem to resume their daily activities but there is something which is hanging over their heads. They start getting harassed by a Rajvir and his gang who want to make the girls suffer because Minal broke a bottle on his head, which led to him being gravely injured. The girls finally lodge a complaint for the harassment as well as lodge a complaint regarding the sexual assault which had led to Minal injuring Rajvir (Angad Bedi). Rajvir, with the help of his political connections, manages to turn the tables by complaining that the girls were soliciting and when the guys had refused, they had resorted to attacking them. With the arrest of Minal, this whole story turns into a courtroom drama where we see Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh Bachchan) represent the defence, against the prosecutor played by Piyush Mishra.

The movie is flawless in its execution. The incident in question is not revealed to the audience until the credits roll. The movie also touches upon a variety of issues without straying the course in what it has set out to achieve. The courtroom scene is clearly the high point of the movie. The monologues delivered in Amitabh’s baritone voice aren’t just goosebumps-inducing but also the hard truth which we all know but conveniently ignore. A girl who is promiscuous, doesn’t mind a drink now and then, and wears short skirts is allowed to say 'No'. Her 'No' should hold equal meaning. In the guise of liberalism, the men today are still feudal in their thoughts. Like one of the characters remarks, “I can be liberal or I can be truthful”. Meaning that they don’t really mean it when they spout liberalism.

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury has made his Bollywood directorial debut with this movie and he couldn’t have done it better. He has done an excellent job of making this story feel real, and with that engaging the emotions of the audience. Since the audience is kept in the dark about the real incident, we are in the same position as the judge who gives out the ruling.
Each actor has come forward to give their best to the roles they were assigned. Seeing new faces like Kirti and Andrea was refreshing, and their brilliant performances only led to the gripping tale being more so. Taapsee and Amitabh Bachchan manage to shine brightest among all the noteworthy performances.


Why You Should Watch This Movie:
This movie is what India needs when it is trying to step into the modern world. We need to let go of the archaic rules for women. Watch PINK for the excellent work done by the team in flawlessly portraying a sensitive issue without holding back on the ugly side.