We discuss politics. We discuss films. We discuss people. But when we discuss religion, there is always something that holds us back. It might not be an issue with everyone, but most of us will agree. And now, here comes PK. With childlike curiosity, PK searches for answers to questions that no one has asked before. He tries to understand complex philosophies of life and religion through his naive questions. The answers he unravels will make you scrutinize your own beliefs and reality. Such is the power of PK. Simple, yet evocative.

Rajkumar Hirani plays with his signature style of filmmaking. Munnabhai made us laugh, Rancho gave us lessons on true education, and PK tells us the true meaning of faith, love and friendship. It will remind you of other films like Umesh Shukla’s OMG and Rajit Kapur’s Ankhon Dekhi. But what makes PK shines is its unique storytelling, humor and of course, the flamboyant Aamir Khan.  

As PK, Aamir Khan gives a stellar performance. His body language, the expressions and the Bhojpuri accent steal the show. Anushka Sharma as Jaggu also does a wonderful job. It won’t be justified if I don’t mention Saurabh Shukla and Sanjay Dutt. They are both brilliant, especially Saurabh Shukla as the manipulative Godman. After the interval, the film takes a downward turn. Melodrama ensues. Despite the good performances by the characters, certain scenes of the film are stale and the climax feels a bit too lengthy for a simple story like PK. It makes you ask, "Is this a waste of time?" But thankfully, PK recovers from it soon. The music by Atul Gogavale and Shantanu Moitra is fresh, but doesn’t make a lasting impact.

Why should you watch the film? PK is a fun film to watch. Watch it for Aamir Khan’s outlandish yet heart-warming performance. PK will make you smile, laugh and cry. And most of all, he will make you realize how important it is to believe in ourselves and humanity, rather then following any faith blindly. Just the perfect message to usher in the New Year.

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