Poorna: Film Review- Bose’s directorial return is a hit!

Verdict- Poorna's inspirational story will touch your heart.

Gone are the days of mushy movies Bollywood was once known for. The audience demands a solid script and nothing works as good as movies based on a true event. Not only does the audience instantly connect to it but it also tends to leave a long-lasting impact. Poorna is one such movie that will not leave your head even after you leave the cinema hall. Based on real-life Poorna Malavath, the story tells us how at the tender age of 13, the girl from Telangana became the youngest person to have climbed Mt. Everest

The story starts with Poorna (Aditi Inamdaar) and her cousin Priya (S Mariya) sweeping the corridor of their classroom wearing their school uniform. Why? Because their fathers haven't paid the school fees. Somewhere in the litter, Priya comes across an advertisement for a social welfare school that takes care of all their expenses and provides free education. In the dream of a bright future and sufficient food to eat, the two decide to elope but things don't go exactly as per the plan when Priya's father catches them red-handed during their attempt to leave and the next thing you know, Priya is getting married. A much younger Poorna, who has temporarily escaped marriage, coaxes her father to get her admitted at Social Welfare after her sister pressurizes her. This happens to be the turning point in her life as she meets Dr. Pravin Kumar and gets in touch with a talent in her she never knew existed. Dr. Pravin Kumar (Rahul Bose), who has more faith in Poorna's abilities than her family ever did, assumes the role of a fatherly figure and enables her to work towards achieving her target by financing a good training, among other requirements.

The story does not consist of any unexpected revelations but yet manages to keep the audience hooked with a gripping plot and no dull moments. Like Rajkumar Rao, Rahul Bose too has a niche audience set for his movies who like the artsy work he delivers, be it acting or directing. In Poorna, having touched both fields, with good directorial skills and effortless acting, he has yet again given us a masterpiece. 

Aditi Inamdaar in the role of little Poorna surprises us with her natural acting. Not to forget, debutant S Mariya who plays the cousin, Priya, also manages to impress everyone by delivering a smooth performance with absolutely no difficulty. Heeba Shah and Dhritiman Chaterjee play a vital role in the movie and are terrific in their parts. 

The music in the movie is extremely fresh, catchy and is well timed, which will give you goosebumps. Kuch Parbat Hilaayein would undoubtedly be our favorite. The visuals of the Himalayas are breathtaking and then there are certain shots in the movie which say a lot without any dialogues. Be it the one where Poorna sits in Nepal looking at the Himalayas or the one in the end, where her back faces the press and she looks at Dr. Kumar with appreciation.

Within a run-time of 105 minutes, the movie has also tried to subtly touch topics like child marriage, discrimination, and corruption without getting into too much detail. The biopic can be called short and crisp without adding too much unnecessary.  While a Hinglish movie seemed like a good idea, adding Telugu dialogues without subtitles works as a drawback for the movie; probably the only one.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

From good actors to good story and even an emotional quotient to suit Bollywood lovers, Poorna is an amalgamation of all. If you're looking for an inspirational movie or something to watch with family, this could be your watch for the weekend.