To put it simply to you, R…Rajkumar is all about Sonakshi Sinha rolling her eyes and pouting every now and then, cute little Shahid Kapoor wooing her and people getting beaten up every fifteen minutes. 
If we go back to films like Rowdy Rathore, Boss and Phata Poster Nikla Hero, we observe that these films had similar plots. Yet, these films did well. Similarly, R…Rajkumar too will do well. Hence, I have granted this film two and a half stars out of five. 
Now here’s the silver lining on the cloud; the first-half of the film is actually entertaining and interesting as well. But, the second-half is a complete let-down. So if you intend to watch this film, buy tickets, enjoy your time before the wretched intermission strikes, but leave, please vacate your seat once the second-half commences.
Sometimes I wonder why talented actors like Shahid Kapoor do films like R…Rajkumar. I mean the boy has so much potential! He should be doing better films. And then a little voice in my head whispers: "He does such films, because they make money". 
I watched Sonakshi Sinha on screen in much wonder, trying hard to grasp, how she has been able to maintain the same expressions and body fat since her debut in 2010 till date. Also, what’s commendable is she holding her breath, every time the camera zooms into her torso. Every director loves Sonakshi’s neck, so there are plenty of scenes that focus on her neck as well, probably because that’s the leanest part of her body. 
There are two very entertaining numbers in the first-half of the film, Gandi Baat and Saree Ke Fall Sa. Shahid Kapoor’s super sexy dance moves are on full display in these two songs. He is definitely an excellent dancer, he’s a good actor too, but the film has the same age-old plot and stock characters – a damsel in distress, the protagonist who is the underdog and a super villain. I’m not sure which part of North India the film is set in, but it seems like an amalgamation of all North Indian states, so let’s just keep it at that. Mukul Dev has been successfully used as a prop as always. 
Sonu Sood, plays the quintessential villain and does a good job. Although, I really wish to see him doing better roles. Also, what I noticed was that, each character has a little Prabhudheva and does a little Prabhudheva expression from time to time. 
The background score of the film consists of a man screaming, a girl singing and a bansuri playing every time Sonu Sood makes an entry. Yeah, that’s about it. 
Shahid and Sonakshi together, look as cute as Timon and Pumba. 
R…Rajkumar entertains, if only it kept the momentum going, till the very end. 
One dialogue that the roadside Romeos can take with them as they leave the cinema hall is this, 
                                  "Height-weight dekhne se pyaar nai hota, pyaar dil se hota hai."

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