We have grown up listening to the immortal love stories of Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu, Shirin-Farhad and Heer-Ranjha. The similarity between all these tales is the incompleteness of the love story yet its completion of love. Similar is the love saga of Kundan and Zoya.

Kundan, a Tamil-Brahmin lad, who from a very tender age falls for Zoya, a Muslim girl, goes after her love till the very end. Kundan is the Ranjha of this love story. Zoya, who starts falling for Kundan, is sent to her aunt’s place as soon as her family realizes her feelings for a Hindu boy. After 8 long years when she gets back to her hometown she is a new Zoya altogether! But Kundan is the same old lad waiting for his childhood love. Zoya has moved on and has fallen for a student political leader, Jasjit Singh, played by Abhay Deol. When Kundan hears of this, what follows is his chase for love, revenge, bloodshed and gory politics.

Anand L. Rai has done a splendid job with the direction of the film. The city of Banaras (Varanasi) has been explored very well. Along with Banaras, the film has also been shot in Punjab and Delhi. The film is a maverick love story. However, the plot has quite a few unnecessary twists.

Sonam Kapoor matures from a small town school-girl to an independent adult woman but falters to an extent with her acting skills.Abhay Deol‘s character, though pivotal, doesn’t have the charm of a political leader. Dhanush has done an exceptional job as Kundan and retains his boyish charm throughout the film. Swara Bhaskar’s character as Bindiya is under-developed and could have been avoided. The role of Murari, Kundan’s best friend, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, earlier seen in the films like “No One Killed Jessica”, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Jannat 2, remains a character of essence throughout the film. The film retains a Banarasi flavor not only because of its settings but also because of the dialogues, the dialect and the music. A.R. Rahman‘s music is appeasing, has a Banarasi adeptness to it and will touch the viewers’ hearts.

At some point the love story gets entangled in politics, goes astray but soon gets the audience hooked. The first-half of the film is complete entertainment, fun and romance while the second-half is cluttered with intense politics and rivalry. The story seems to be dragged in the second-half and the climax is likely to confuse the audience. Yet, the film has its moments of applause, whistles and claps.

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