Raaz 3 (3D): Movie Review

Say Hello to Boring & Insipid!

Review: There’s always something catchy about a film that comes from the Bhatt camp and every year we wonder what the new film will entail. Vikram Bhatt returns with the third part of Raaz starring the original Sanjana (Bipasha Basu), the Bhatt’s blue-eyed boy Emraan Hashmi and B-town newbie, Esha Gupta (seen earlier this year in Jannat 2). What’s amazing is the tall claims about the film being upped on the ‘scare-o-meter’. Yes, some scenes will only last a jerk, but that’s all. Whether you watch the film in 3D or 2D, the effect is quite the same. You know what will happen. So a shriek down the hall or the 3D mastery is no good to give you a chill down the spine. In the recent past, through these films, I have wondered what’s the deal with these Indian horror films, they frighten less and amuse more.

Ten years back, the first part of the Raaz series came out , which turned out to be a blockbuster hit, also giving way to a promising acting career for Bipasha Basu. This film, however will do no good for anyone associated with it. A weak script with bad acting equates to a poor film overall. One would look for that one quotient which will still help, but sadly there are none. The romantic numbers will probably be the only remnants from the entire film. Disappointment is at it’s peak. The promos looked good enough for one to be drawn to the theater, but that’s where the catch is. You may find your subconscious mind asking you why you are there, and believe you me, there is no answer for a puzzling question such as that.

Bipasha Basu is quite the seductress, especially one as a sultry villain in a film. Her work on Pooja Bhatt’s debut film, Jism, remains one of the best in the category. Here, she is only over-acting, as though each scene was a hard task for her to undergo. Although some reports claim that Shanaya’s character was one of the most difficult she has ever enacted, I would beg to differ on that statement. This below-average performance of hers, brings back the age-old notion that models cannot act. Which immediately brings us to analyze newcomer Esha Gupta, who plays the victim in this melodramatic comedy-horror film. Blatantly saying, the girl cannot act. Besides, you may notice that each shot of hers focuses on her right profile which makes the scene funnier than it is meant to be! She joins the bandwagon of good lookers in Bollywood who are only signed for their GQ (Glam Quotient).

Sadly enough, sheer acting talent is simply amiss amongst a lot of these new-age actresses. One pines for that era where the real competition was basis talent, not sexiness. Continuing that thought, I am rather nonplussed with Emraan Hashmi’s callous performance in his new film. He was mere puppet throughout the film. Honestly, after stellar performances in recent hits such as The Dirty Picture and Shanghai, one expects much more out of Brand Emraan Hashmi.

As said before, nothing can save this film. The script, to top it all, is imbecile. Vikram Bhatt is going through that phase which Ram Gopal Varma was seen in, a few years back. Making one horror film after another which is as light as air, has no matter at all. Most of all, the explicit scenes speak volumes about a person’s state of mind. What kind of pornographic films has he seen, you may wonder. These films (porn) do offer inspiration to some, but the kinds to scar your thought process! In Haunted 3D, the ‘ghost’ raped the woman, in Raaz 3, the ‘ghost’ and the woman willingly make love. And trust me, that is no spoiler. The loose dialogues worsen the situation. Everyone calls Emraan Hashmi a ‘lucky’ man, if you know what I mean. Wait till you watch the film, i.e. if you are the kinds who just needs a reason to be at the theater to enjoy your favorite popcorn combos.

Verdict: This is a sincere plea, please do not make unintentional spoofs. We need good films, at least something at par with the older Hollywood films that genuinely make you shudder. Having said that, find yourself a better pastime this weekend.

Movie Details:

Director: Mukesh Bhatt
Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta
Music: Mithun, Jeet Ganguly, Rashid Firozabadi
Running Time: 2 hrs 16 mins

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