Rabba Main Kya Karoon: Film Review

Rabba Main Kya Karoon is a movie where everything is possibly placed wrong. The movie revolves around a sweet young couple (Akash Chopra & Tahira Kochchar) all set to tie the knot at a typical big fat Indian wedding. The childhood sweethearts have been together and the real issues start in their relationship once they are betrothed. Enter elder cousin, Shravan (Arshad Warsi) on a Harley Davidson to teach the groom-to-be the funda to a happily married life. As quoted throughout the movie, the golden rule says "to lead a happy life, you must cheat on your wife". Adding to the notion are all the uncles who too have practised the same throughout their respective married lives. Ultimately, the course of the movie follows a tussle between polygamy and monogamy and like any other Bollywood flick, the movie ends with a moral message – Love and dedication in a man-woman relationship triumphs over everything else.

This is the film where bade bhaiya Shravan is found giving gyaans about male hormones and how men should follow some rules to keep the wife ‘satisfied’ yet get away with their philandering ways. Seems that these so-called noble thoughts are all inspired by Maharishi Tharkacharya. Secondly, there are the groom’s uncles who have just applied the ‘bhaichare ki ghutti‘ principle throughout their lives. One Mamaji (Paresh Rawal) flirts around with every possible woman he meets and to glorify his act he feeds his wife with pills to cure her psychological disorder that she is not even suffering from. Another Mamaji (Shakti Kapoor), who dons an orange wig, keeps chasing hot chicks in short skirts and to cover up his act, he gives a lame excuse of smoking cigarettes. That’s not all, there is also pehelwan Mama who once slept with a woman who apparently lost her bra. Since then he had lost his sanity trying to find it.

If all this was not enough, the hidden theme of the movie portrays that every woman is easily available to any man and the former are dumb as a mule to never catch their cheating husbands red-handed. Nothing aforementioned has a logic to it. Anyway, there is a righteous uncle (Raj Babbar) who comes in the scene to save the groom-to-be’s wedding and even tries to save the otherwise doomed film.

This sex-comedy saw debutant Akash Chopra make a wet, bare-chested entry but failed to impress. The new girl, Tahira although pleasant-looking, doesn’t flaunt much acting skills. You’ll be left wondering what went wrong with Arshad Warsi after delivering the superhit movie, Jolly LLB. Even with fine actors supporting the script, things didn’t fall in the right place. The movie sounds hilarious, but lacked both comedy and romance. More ‘wrong’ factors in place were the abrupt songs throughout the movie.

One thing worth mentioning about Rabba Main Kya Karoon is the portrayal of the typical fun-filled Punjabi wedding with a huge group of baraatis, mehmaans, all the customs and the excitements, lots of daaru and dancing.

Neither entertaining nor amusing, the movie is aptly titled and those watching the movie may end up saying Rabba Main Kya Karoon.

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