Verdict: A film that will change your outlook towards life.

Directed by Krishan Hooda, Rebellious Flower is  based on the real life story of Guru Osho Rajneesh and his journey along the path to enlightenment. 

The film traces the early life of Raja (played by Prince Shah), an 11-year boy, who lives with his grandparents in a small village. Raja’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge sets him on a compelling path of exploration and questioning. After his grandfather’s death, they shift to a small town where he gets exposed to a whole lot of new things. Growing up, his life goes through a lot of twists and turns but he still continues to seek answers to those questions which were set in his mind since he was a child. 

During this quest for answers, he comes across three men (all played by Mantra Mugdh) who change his perception towards life. A young Raja (Shashank Shekhar) then, leaves his worldly needs and desires behind, and walks on the path outlined by these three mentors, in order to achieve nirvana.

Written and produced by Jagdish Bharti, the film is backed by the Osho Foundation. It marks debutant Shashank Singh’s entry into Bollywood and also has Mantra Mugdh acting as the parallel lead. The film has a run time of about 112 minutes and is shot at some beautiful locations. The classical music playing in the background goes well with the serious tone of the film. The film’s deliberate release around this time is to commemorate the memory of Guru Osho Rajneesh among his followers.

Unlike most movies made these days, Hooda’s movie focuses on only one subject till the very end. A movie that is made to connect with the audience, it shows no miracle, no drama and yet conveys its message.

Why Should You Watch This Movie:

It may not be the best, but this movie is the first-of-its-kind; and although it goes on for a good 2 hours, Mantra and Shashank’s acting makes it watchable.

– By Sanaa Surve