Almost a month after the best performance of her career, hands down, Kangana Ranaut is back as Rani. This time not as the naive girl from Rajouri, Delhi. But as a rebellious dacoit with a distinct taste in phasion, phun and gun.

Plot: Alka Singh aka Revolver Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is a dacoit-turned-politician with a dark past. She loses her position and power to rival party member, Udaybhan Singh (Zakir Hussain). With the help of her Balli mama (Piyush Mishra) she is trying to pull down her opponent and regain her lost political seat. The rivalry between Alka Singh and Tomar brothers is the center of attraction, throughout the film. Amidst all the political wars, Alka has a deep obsession for her toy-boy, Rohan Mehra (Vir Das). He uses Alka to acheive his dream to be a Bollywood star, while she uses him to satisfy her sexual fantasies and passion. With unexpected twists and turns, the movie follows Alka’s quest to explore the meaning of her life. Whether she gains her lost control or submit to the controls in the male-oriented world forms the crux of the movie.

Movie Analysis: Sai Kabir offers an interesting-yet-simple story with Revolver Rani. The theme of the movie – politics, power, love and revenge makes this movie a distant cousin of Gangs of Wasseypur and Bullet Raja. Unlike the promising trailer, the movie offers its share of quirkiness in bits and pieces. For instance, the lady news reader, her comments and parody dialogues were quite hilarious. But the movie’s plot becomes questionable when the hero(ine), who is supposedly a stone-hearted goon suddenly falls for love and emotions. Meant to be a dark, humorous affair, the overdose of emotions and feeling kills the fun in Revolver Rani.

The movie opens with some interesting, quirky moments but 30 minutes into the movie it goes like the title track, ‘Revolver Rani ki thaayn thaayn thaayn…‘ Though there were some entertaining dialogues and scenes, that strong thread was missing that keeps the entire movie together. From abrupt editing to overuse of guns and bullets to too many activities at one go, makes the movie seem very unrealistic. The opening credits are worth a mention with the brilliant sketches and the song in sync, creating a audio-visual treat.

With more focus on direction, little imagination and tighter editing, Revolver Rani would have been the killer movie of the year. The Chambal environment has been beautifully-captured on the lens. You need to lend an ear to the songs of the movie.

Star Performance: Kangana Ranaut as the tanned, curly-haired, unconventionally dressed rebellious Alka Singh is absolutely brilliant throughout the movie. From her appearance to her dialogue delivery, she has nailed the look. Vir Das, on the other hand, as the lead male actor struggles to fit well into the plot. His character had a lot of scope, but he fails to experiment and explore it. Piyush Mishra as the cunning Balli mama is outstanding. He delivers his role with utmost ease. The other supporting cast did justice to their respective characters.

Why should you watch this film?

Otherwise a futile effort, Kangana’s enigma and a Quentin Taratino-styled racy plot will pull you to the theatres to watch this week’s release – Revolver Rani.

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