Rhythm: Film Review – Hitting Half the Right Notes

Verdict: A typical Bollywood rom-com musical.

Bollywood movies have always been known to have loads of singing and dancing throughout. So when a Bollywood musical comes along, you know what to expect. Rhythm, as the title reiterates, is a musical, with a majority share of romantic comedy. Directed, produced and written by Vivek Kumar, the film has apparently been in the making for six years. Let’s check out the final result.

The film wastes no time in proving itself as a musical, with the opening scene showing a musician performing at Hard Rock Cafe. There you see Avantika (Rinil Routh), the female lead, who studies at a Polish university. Several musical performances follow, with the participation of all the students of the university.

In such a musical, there must be a grand college festival to serve as its climax. The upcoming fest Euphoria is an inter-college fest with all sorts of competitions, Rhythm being the title of the music competition. The concerned group of friends are often troubled by the college bully (who wears a ‘Bulls’ jersey just to make it clear) who gets into unnecessary squabbles and eventually fist-fights, with just about anyone who means no harm to him.

Avantika is wary of love, as her ex-boyfriend cheated on her. She finds it very hard to fall in love ever since, until… no, not even after the male lead Rohan (Adeel Chaudhry) enters the scene, by joining the university for further studies. Rohan, from the field of marketing, is upset that he can’t win her heart, especially since he believes he is capable of selling almost anything under the sun. Avantika doesn’t give him the cold shoulder, but never leads him on either. She is simply afraid to love again and as a result, friend-zones him.

The film had decent, pumping music for every scene, except for a few scenes with poorly synchronized sound effects (during fist-fights, walking on the street and a musical performance).

Some dialogues, though they might seem cheesy, are actually well-written and funny at times, since they are appropriate for the corresponding situations. One of them is "Train sahi hain, par platform galat" which is delivered by Avantika’s roommate while advising Rohan.

Adeel Chaudhry delivered his lines, often speeches and excerpts of poetry, pretty fluently, for a debutante. Rinil Routh randomly adds an accent for her dialogues, which is strange, but we could excuse her for it, given her singing and dancing talents.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Watch it if you enjoy typical Bollywood movies and relate to the main theme of music, which the leads bond over.