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Rock On 2: Film Review – Rocks Yet Again

Verdict: So much more than just rocking and jamming.

The sequel of the 2008-hit Rock On!! is here and it well lives up to your expectations, but with some additions and subtractions.

Rock On II starts where the previous money ended and takes us into the lives of each member of the band. KD (Purab Kohli) is still making music with all his heart and money, and is mostly fed up of his clients. Joe (Arjun Rampal) is poor no more, but the owner of a night club in Mumbai and a reality show judge. Aditya (Farhan Akhtar), however, is in Shillong, doing some philanthropy out of a guilt. Magik doesn't play anymore, but the friendship remains, deep and true. The essence of the story is recreated in the first 10 minutes itself.

Director Shujaat Saudagar in his debut movie shows potential. He knows how to put together all the pieces for the start of a sequel. Full marks for that. Writers Abhishek Kapoor and Poobali Chaudhuri have written a story that packs a bit of a surprise too for a rock musical drama, but that very angle of the film adds all the emotion and meaning to the music of the film. The film is executed well, there are a few cameos that you will like.

Rock On II - BookMyShow

When it comes to performances, Farhan Akhtar keeps his character intact. He is yet again lost in his own world that his friends try to bring him back from. Purab Kohli not only plays the central figure of Magik but is also the narrator of the film. He will make you smile and this will surely fetch him many voiceover offers in future. Shraddha Kapoor plays a very interesting character – a musician who writes and creates fusion of Indian Classical and Western music. Her role is about her struggle for freedom, from some sorrows and few regrets, and she wins. Shashank Arora's is also an interesting role as the fifth member of Magic. While he can't really be called Rob's (Luke Kenny) replacement, but he is the reason there is an all-new Magik. Kudos to that.

All the characters from the previous edition fill in the gaps and ensures continuity. Joe has cut his hair short and the undercut makes him look all the more sexy. He stays classy throughout the film and yes, he takes off his shirt, just once. When he appears on screen, you won't be able to your eyes off him.

Talking about the music, the film definitely lacks the typical Bollywood tracks and tunes, but that is only for good. The music scores well especially because of the lyrics. This time, the story features so much more than a band and a bunch of friends. It is an attempt to show what music truly means – love, unity and freedom. Also, you'll get to see glimpses of the regional culture of Meghalaya in the picturisation and in the music. The Rock On track in the end will take you back to where it all started from.

To sum it all, Magik is back with its magical music. Though there are a few changes in the members of the band, their music only gets better. With some fusion and tracks from the prequel, they will definitely rock your hearts.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Rock On fans need no reason. Arjun Rampal fans, nope, no reason required for you either. Watch the movie to get a glimpse of the lives of musicians, their struggle, their success and all that they have to go through while trying to follow their passion. Moral of the story, keep rocking, no matter what!

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