Verdict: A hardcover book with a few incomplete paragraphs.

Revolving around a set of below-average students and a teacher who is trying to make a difference, Rough Book questions the education system of the country in every way possible. The innate importance of marks in the system has created a plague in itself that promotes bookworms and rote learning and the film is an attempt to create a differentiation between just getting good grades and real learning.

Based on real incidents, the movie tries to cover all issues corrupting the education system through various instances in and out of an institution with a special focus on teacher poaching.

Tannishtha Chatterjee plays Santoshi, a physics teacher who believes in teaching beyond the books and keeps running into one trouble after the other because of it. Her life takes a turn when her husband who she believed is a no-nonsense income tax officer, is caught with illegal money. After this she decides to settle with her mother (Suhasini Mulay) who stays out of the city in the lap of nature. Debutant Amaan Khan plays Suhail Kapur, a "D-section student" (with D referring to students with D grades or below) who thinks Google has all the answers and there is no need for a teacher. Ram Kapoor plays a small yet impactful character of a supportive father. Joy Sengupta, Jayati Bhatia and Deepika Amin do a decent job as Santoshi’s best friends. However, the performances of the actors in the film do not fetch them very good grades and at times seem very ordinary.

There are moments which every student, teacher and parent will relate to with an added dash of humor. Although, wrapping up in 90 minutes makes the story lack the substance the subject required and hence fails to explain a few important things that needed more exploring. The first half is spent on building up the plot and the other half ends a little too soon.

To sum it up, Director Ananth Mahadevan has done a good job at keeping the movie real and relatable, but at the same time the execution of the story doesn’t have the grip that movies with such an intense plot usually maintain.  The movie though has a very strong subject that will make you ponder about the revamp that the education system requires.

Why You Should Watch the Movie:

Watch the movie if you miss your school days and want to see a feel good school life story. But this time, besides the school life, be ready to get a glimpse of what is corroding the education system of the country from within.