Review: In an attempt to universalize the theme of this film the makers of Saare Jahan Se Mehenga probably would have arrived at this title which certainly appeals to the average moviegoer in India. No surprise, it deals with the increasing prices of the commodities we use in our everyday lives. This is the basic premise of the story and by the very nature of itself contains significant potential in it. In commercial cinema often the theme is exaggerated to yield the desired results, hence faithfully following this philosophy, the story of  Saare Jahan Se Mehenga  has a brilliant comic plot with a framework to tell the story in the comic satire (comedy meant to enhance a purpose) genre. Now here exactly is the point where the problem begins. What could have been a brilliant satire on the increasing mehengai and its effect on the life of an Indian common man (a term Bollywood is familiar with) turns out to be an ordinary tale which clearly lacks the capacity to have an effect over the audience. The screenplay is nice with some really funny dialogues in the first half but gradually turns to being predictable and rather lousy towards the end. Perhaps it was the ambition of the writers to underline a profound issue which weighed them down from being consistent in their writing. The film also suffers much from the ordinary direction and non-synchronized editing which ultimately makes this film, a less sincere one.

On the acting front, Sanjay Mishra undoubtedly excels with his natural talent and is one of the main reasons to watch this film.With some really funny moments and an entertaining (in parts) first half, this is a film one can watch and be reminded of the mehengai in these times and it is this very aspect of the film where it scores a point considerably. Praise for the cast and crew to have made a film which notably addresses an urgent contemporary issue to a certain degree prevailing in our country.

Verdict: Mehengai is genuine, however the movie only tries to be.

Movie Details

Release Date: Mar 8, 2013

Director: Anshul Sharma

Genre: Comedy,Family

Run time: 1 hr 48 mins

Language: Hindi

Cast & Crew: Sanjay Mishra, Pragati Pandey, Visshwa Badola, Zakir Hussain, Disha Pandey, Sitaram Panchal, Rajan Chabbra, Paritosh Sand, Pramod Pathak

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