Verdict: A funny film that could've been so much more.

Saat Uchakkey, which was supposed to have its theatrical release back in 2014 finally sees the light of day. This Sanjeev Sharma flick, which is filmed entirely in the bylanes of the country's capital, is the story of seven eccentric individuals who have a thing or two in common. One, they simply cannot seem to complete a sentence without resorting to a cuss word. The other thing, perhaps, is the fact that they all want to get rich by hook or by crook.

Pappi Jaatwaala (Manoj Bajpayee) already has a reputation for petty thievery. This time around, he wants to loot the haveli in the neighborhood; the one that belongs to Dewan (Anupam Kher). To protect himself from being accused by panauti Tejpal (Kay Kay Menon), Pappi decides to fake his own death. He does so with the help of his friends –AjjiHagguBabbe and Khappe, his love interest- Sona (Aditi Sharma) and a scruffy lawyer Jaggi (Vijay Raaz).

While Tejpal investigates Pappi's supposed murder, Pappi's friends raise funds for his funeral. Disguised as a Sardar, Pappi not only walks around the neighborhood getting into fights, but is also seen crying at his own funeral reception and even dancing to his favorite track.

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The first half of the film, besides being confusing, familiarizes the audience with the daily language of the characters; one that is made up of the choicest of expletives. It is only in the film's second half that the otherwise baffling narrative begins to strike a chord.

Despite loopholes in the script, what manages to keep the audience engaged is undoubtedly the spontaneity with which the three actors – Manoj Bajpayee, Kay Kay Menon and Vijay Raaz – deliver their dialogues. The well-thought-out punchlines seem to work for the most of the time, if not always. They do exactly what you think they should – they make you laugh.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch Saat Uchakkey for Manoj BajpayeeVijay Raaz and Kay Kay Menon. Plus, if you want to have a good time laughing your head off, this one is for you.