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Sachin: A Billion Dreams: Film Review – Tons of Emotion

Verdict: A straight drive to the heart.

Sachin Tendulkar is the name that defines cricket for millions across the globe. The way he played, the discipline and commitment he had towards the game is something that every aspiring cricketer looks up to. There are many legends in the Test cricket format who were compared to him. Fair enough. But in ODI cricket, Tendulkar is an unparalleled name, especially for India as he has played in more than half the games Team India has played till date. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that his career was one of the brightest chapters in the history of cricket. Such was the impact that he created and maybe that’s the reason why he is known as the God of cricket.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams showcases the life of the cricketing legend beyond the 22 yards which he safeguarded all this while. Even the minute details of his life are shown in the film. For instance, his parents named him Sachin for their love towards the late musician Sachin Dev Burman. Almost every scene of the movie strikes an emotional chord with the audience who have followed the Indian cricket for the past 2-3 decades. The writer-director James Erskine has so wonderfully streamlined the life of Sachin and has perfectly shown the aura generated by him in India. He has intelligently weaved the changing political scenarios with different stages of Sachin’s life that it was evident how important master blaster was in the making of new liberal India. Kudos to the editor Avdhesh Mohla. His watertight editing is the soul of the film.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams - Film Review - BookMyShow

What makes Sachin: A Billion Dreams a rare cinematic experience is that the 90% of the portions are shown through real-life footages. The way Sachin narrates his life with sheer frankness makes the film the most unadulterated biopics of all time. The flashback scenes are to die for. The audiences are sure to get goosebumps in scenes such as when Sachin get hit on the nose by Waqar Younis bouncer but doesn’t leave the ground by saying, ‘I can’t let my country down’. The scenes where he smashes the bowling legend Shane Warne or the Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar will again make the audience cheer ‘Sachin… Sachin… Sachin… Sachin…’. The golden moment comes when we see Sir Don Bradman comparing himself with Sachin. And when we know that Sir Viv Richards called him after the 2007 World Cup debacle and convinced him that there’s a lot of cricket left in him and he should not retire now. These moments will be the best takeaways for a hardcore Sachin fan.

In his farewell speech, Sachin said that he and his brother Ajit have lived this dream together. About his wife Anjali, these were his words, “You are the best partnership I’ve had in my life”. And what he says about his parents, relatives and his coach Ramakant Achrekar is so gracefully shown in the film that those scenes will surely stay with the audiences for a long time. The only thing that might turn out negative for the film is, it’s a docu-drama. The audience who are expecting an M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story kind of film would be disappointed. So, there is a possibility that Sachin: A Billion Dreams might not hit a century at the box-office but its innings will definitely leave an impact.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you follow cricket and you are a fan of Sachin, you don’t need this review or any reason to watch the film. But if you are not, then watch it to imbibe the positivity and humility of Sachin that he had during the ups and downs of his life. Sachin: A Billion Dreams will inspire and make you realize that “dreams do come true”.