Verdict: A political thriller that challenges your perceptions toward terrorism.

When a movie has more disclaimers than the no-smoking ads before the movie, you know you are in for a bold flick. Director Dakxin Chhara has tried to put forward his take on terrorism and politics in a way you'd never imagine.

After a long list of disclaimers, the movie starts with a bomb blast in Hyderabad. ATS blames terrorist Yasin Darji for the blasts and in his search, they find his college roommate Sameer (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) and arrest him for interrogation. After concluding that Sameer has nothing to do with the blasts even after staying with him for years, they make him an ATS undercover agent and use him to find Yasin.

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On the other hand, every time Yasin plans an attack, he informs Alia Irade (Anjali Patil), a fearless journalist who has been working on a story about 55 missing children since the past decade. The ATS chief Desai (Subrat Dutta) asks Alia to inform them if she gets another message. Yasin, being a fan, sends another message to Alia about his next blasts. While on the mission, Sameer is blackmailed by the ATS and intimidated by Yasin's family. All this is followed by a couple of street plays, plotting two more serial blasts and a handful of jaw-dropping twists.

Making a political statement is not easy and the filmmakers always try to keep it indirect. This movie plays safe too. The first half is spent setting up the detailed plot and the second half increases the pace. However, in an attempt to remain politically correct, the execution of the movie falls flat in a few scenes. In referring to some of the Gandhi ideals and human messages through supporting characters, the main plot gets sidelined at times.

Sameer review - BookMyShow

The movie has a lot of characters but Md. Zeeshan Ayyub stands apart. He plays the victim card like a pro and has carried the movie on his shoulders. Subrat Dutta as the ATS chief becomes too loud sometimes but his character dominates his performance. Anjali Patil looks promising as a journalist and keeps it subtle at all times. Apart from Ayyub, another character called Rocket (played by Shubham Bajrange) manages to impress us even with short screentime.

The film introduces a whole new designation in the world of politics and how that person is responsible for changing people's perception towards reality and truth. The director has wisely used this movie to emphasize on the fact that every Muslim is not a terrorist.

Sameer review - BookMyShow

It is kept as realistic as possible with real locations and directorial references. The gripping movie gives you goosebumps and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Why You Should Watch The Movie:
The movie takes you on a journey where you analyze your own conscience and beliefs. If you are interested in politics and have an opinion about government activities during elections, you must watch the movie. It is a thriller that changes its course with every twist and keeps you hooked throughout. We recommend you to catch Sameer this weekend.