Verdict: Predictable, yet moving.

You could take Bollywood out of romance, but you can never take romance out of Bollywood. Directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, the film Sanam Teri Kasam exemplifies this.

Like any other love story, the film is about two individuals who are nothing like each other. Inder (Harshvardhan Rane) is the son of a criminal lawyer (and somewhat a criminal himself), while Saraswati (Mawra Hocane) is the daughter of a stern, unyielding father, a 'Vibhuti aunty' nobody wants to marry. As fate would have it, their lives change when Saraswati's father disowns her and performs her last rites. On one hand, an 'ugly duckling' transforms into a swan, and on the other, a felon is smitten.

With a run time of 155 minutes, a substantial measure of the first half is spent on the lives of these two individuals before they meet and what comes about when their paths eventually converge. Not only is the narrative a typical love story, it also reinforces discarded gender stereotypes. Though it has nothing new to offer, the film offers respite at an interesting point- an unanswered question.

As we go through the second half, Saru decides to marry a man she had been crushing on. However, this decision does not translate into matrimony. Already tragic in the first place, we find the plot dependent on yet another tragic occurrence – a terminal illness. It is this that mends Saraswati's and Inder's relationships with their respective fathers.

Despite the drawbacks in the film, the background score and music as a whole facilitate the emotional immersion the audience goes through. They make the film less about a rational representation of reality, and more about an emotional one.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

One of the most striking points of this film is the convincing performances delivered by the actors. They manage to live up to the quality that makes Indian cinema real; they make you cry.