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Sargoshiyan: Film Review – A Passage to Kashmir

Verdict: A realistic look at the Kashmiri life. 

Marking known television actor Imran Khan's directorial debut, Sargoshiyan presents Kashmir from the eyes of a tourist but ends up showing you a much closer look into the state. Filled with familiar faces from the Indian television world, the movie follows an unlikely group of friends on a mission to explore the scenic state. 

Aryan Raina (Hasan Zaidi) is a young man down on his luck who can't seem to find the job of his dreams. His friend, Vikram (Indraneil Sengupta) is also going through a rough patch in his life, being stuck in a loveless marriage and no assignments. In this time of crisis, a ray of light comes in the form of a calendar shoot for J&K Bank to capture the spirit of the valley of love in an extraordinary way. And so, the two friends set on a journey to the scenic paradise of the state where they encounter people with stories each more touching than the last.

Imran Dar (Imran Khan) plays the naive guide who provides comic relief in contrast with the other two angsty male leads. They are joined by an NRI Ph.D. student, Sheena (Sara Afreen Khan), who proves to be more knowledgeable than the guide. The group of four have a great friendly dynamic that works as they travel and discover what Kashmir is actually like. 

Sargoshiyan Film Review - BookMyShow

Farida Jalal proves to be a highlight of Sargoshiyan, but she's woefully underused. She provides a place to stay and helps out the tourists who might need help as she lives in wait for a son. Her story, unfortunately, happens to be a common one in the harsh reality of the northern state. We also meet a guide, Hamza (Shahbaz Khan) with an equally tragic tale to tell. 

But hope still prevails in the valley against all odds, as the goodness of the people shines through. Even as they struggle against harsh societal conditions, the people possess an indomitable love for their homeland that no terrorist can scare away. Sargoshiyan does a commendable job of bringing many such issues faced by people of Kashmir to light – including unavailability of schools for girls and the constant fear for their safety. However, the film ends on a happy note, with the group being successful in not only finding the soul of Kashmir but also love for themselves. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you have ever wanted to see the actors from your favorite television serials in the theaters, Sargoshiyan is the movie for you. The movie will go beyond showing you just the sights of Kashmir and bring a tear or two to your eyes.