Verdict: Satellite Shankar makes for an endearing one-time watch.

Last we saw Sooraj Pancholi in the 2015 film Hero, which makes Satellite Shankar his second attempt to make it big in Bollywood. The movie also stars Megha Akash and Palomi Ghosh, and has been directed by Irfan Kamal.

What’ Satellite Shankar About:

Shankar (Sooraj Pancholi) hails from Pollachi and is a soldier in the Indian Army, stationed at Kashmir. He promises to take a leave and come home to be there for his mother’s surgery and meet the girl his mother has chosen for him as a marital match. However, everyone’s leaves get canceled but Shankar manages to take the leave after promising to report the base in time. On the way, he agrees to deliver packets to the families of his soldier buddies and thus begins Shankar’s intriguing road trip. While on his way home, he manages to find people who need help due to his selfless and compassionate nature. He busts a taxi mafia, helps an old Bengali couple who are in the wrong train, fights off ruffians and this is just the beginning.

What Works:

Satellite Shankar scores full marks when it comes to the cast. Palomi Ghosh delivers an earnest performance as a vlogger. Megha Akash forays into Bollywood with this film and she does her job well. Albeit, her screen time is limited, she makes her presence felt. Her chemistry with Sooraj Pancholi is quite cute and something to look forward to. The film obviously belongs to Sooraj Pancholi who does his best and invokes the reaction that’s expected out of a movie about an altruistic Indian soldier. His innocence is charming and his screen presence is pleasant. Shankar’s road trip across the country has been shot beautifully, as the cinematography is stunning. Satellite Shankar has its heart in a good place with respect to its message about being a samaritan and respecting those and it comes across quite clearly. While the story takes a few larger-than-life turns, this feel-good movie does make for an interesting one-time watch with its unique premise.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The story borders on being jingoistic in places. Shankar’s character has been made out to be this perfectly altruistic person which seems unrealistic and cliched in places. The title of the movie doesn’t serve much purpose in the story. A shorter run-time would’ve definitely worked in the film’s favor.

Why You Should Watch:

Sooraj Pancholi has put his soul in the film and it shows. Satellite Shankar is a breezy movie and scores high on the feel-good factor.