Satya 2: Film Review

‘Maangne se kab milta, cheenne se sab milta’ is the official slogan of Satya 2, the official sequel of the 1998 cult-classic, Satya. Before writing anything about the film, I just can’t help but wonder how a film, which is the sequel to a movie which defined an era in Indian cinema and enjoys a permanent place in the list of best Hindi films can be so genuinely wrong. Watching Satya 2 is not only a sad experience but also a depressing one. It simply just doesn’t register. Seems like Ram Gopal Varma wanted once again to create the magic on the potential of a classic he directed 15 years back but has completely failed at this attempt. 

A film which deals with the underworld and the life around it has to be necessarily woven in the contemporary reality, or for that matter, capturing the essence of that period the film is set in. Excessively melodramatic storyline, a wooden protagonist, intrusive soundtrack, are some of the variables which surface when one talks about the film. Consider this, a man comes from a village and quickly charts the ladder of the underworld (understood till here) but now has an intention to make a company which has no name (because other underworld dons had assigned names to their ‘companies’ in the past) and aims to subvert the system for the good of the nation. In simple words, a system within the system for the benefit of the ordinary man and the nation. 

Too much to tolerate, the makers in their temptation to come up with something original and ambitious have competely taken Satya 2 off the tangent and is effortlessly visible on screen. Irregular cinematography is another factor which makes this viewing inconsistent. If there is something that is the saving grace in the film, it is the quintessential RGV touches which occasionaly reminds us of the fact he is the same filmmaker who changed the geography of Hindi movies for a brief period. It is difficult to enjoy Satya 2 for what it is, but still those who have a taste for high melodrama combined with action and are on a steady diet of such films will find the film watchable. All that can be said is that keep Satya and Satya 2 adjacent and you will find perhaps one of the most incomprehensible gaps in the excellence of a film and its sequel.

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