Every man thinks that the solution to end his marriage problems is ending the marriage. For all you men who believe in this, Sameep Kang’s Second Hand Husband is here to give you a reality check. This film introduces Tina Ahuja, the daughter of Govida and Gippy Grewal to the Bollywood industry. The movie shows us the life of Ranbir (Gippy), who wants to marry Gurpreet. The only issue that exists is, Ranbir is already married and his wife demands most of his salary as alimony which leaves him broke. Gurpreet, who plays the role of a good for nothing lawyer, fights Ranbir’s divorce case. Gurpreet’s parents don’t want their daughter to spend her life with someone who cant support her financially. What follows is a lame, at times funny attempt of Ranbir trying to get his ex- wife married again. 

The story which starts off really good, loses it’s hold halfway. The writer tried to include too many things and that didn’t turn out really well. The plot which is based on love, trust and relationships, loses it’s feel at times making it a bore. What will keep you entertained in the movie is the little punch lines that are smartly infused in the dialogues. The director has done some great work with his characters, but they fail to deliver. Debutantes, Tina and Gippy don’t really stand out and are over powered by the work of veterans like, Vijay Raaz and Dharmendra.

The inclusion of songs at random moments tend to break your connection with the storyline and there are many moments like this. The film proves that “forever’ exists and it’s only trust and love that matters. After all the hardships, lies and endless efforts that Ranbir goes through, it would feel good it the movie ended with a marriage sequence. Nevertheless, this movie guarantees laughter and makes you wanna fall in love. For all you cricket fans, there is a surprise cameo waiting for you in the end. 

Why should you watch the film? 

The performance delivered by every actor is commendable. If you want to watch a Dharmendra masterclass, you have to watch this movie. The veteran aces his performance and makes you fall in love with his talent. If you are a fan of peppy Punjabi songs, the music  won’t disappoint you.