Verdict: Zaira Wasim steals the show in this drama.  

What’s It About: 

Insia (Zaira Wasim), a school going girl, aspires to become a singer. She wants the world to hear her songs, which she writes and composes. But her strict, autocratical father (Raj Arjun) wants her to focus on her exams, thus not letting her watch films or attend weddings. Insia’s ammi (Meher Vij) and younger brother, though, are her support system. On more than one occasion, they save her from her dad’s wrath. The mother even goes to the extent of selling her jewellery in order to get her darling Insu a laptop. When her father eventually decides to move base, the teenager is left with only one option – Shakti Kumaarr (Aamir Khan).

Secret Superstar - BookMyShowWhat Works:

Zaira Wasim, who debuted with Dangal, is the star of this film. She gives a pitch perfect performance and makes you relate to her character. Meher Vij, Tirth Sharma (Insia’s classmate and crush), and Raj Arjun are first-rate too. There are few adjectives left to praise Aamir Khan, who shows up post interval. Not many actors would be happy with less screen time but Khan did it with Taare Zameen Par and now, Secret Superstar. Advait Chandan, who has written and directed this film, makes a fab debut. He has assisted Kiran Rao on Dhobi Ghat and she is said to have helped him shape the final draft. A lot of parts are emotional and will work with those who love family-oriented films. The ones who get teary-eyed easily should consider carrying a box of tissues to the theatre. 

What Could Have Been Better: 

While most of the characters are neatly fleshed out, the father is pretty one-dimensional. It would have also helped if the runtime were a little lesser.

Why You Should Watch:

Secret Superstar works on so many levels – it’s got a solid script, heartfelt performances, and a lovely musical score. This Diwali, watch Secret Superstar not only with your mother but with your entire family. 

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