Verdict: A lovely story about the struggles we face in life. 

Known for making critically acclaimed dramas like My Brother…Nikhil and I Am, Onir tries to do something different in his latest directorial – Shab. The film talks about aspirations, heartbreak and just the need to be loved. Mohan (Ashish Bisht) hails from a small town and comes to Mumbai in order to become a model. His English isn't up to the mark and his incorrect answers at a fashion show make him the laughing stock. Sonal Modi (Raveena Tandon) who is one of the judges at the event sets her eye on the boy and invites him over to the place. Forced to compromise, Mohan who is now known as Afzar, begins to enjoy the perks of roaming around with a high-profile personality. 

Raina (Arpita Chatterjee), on the other hand, earns her daily bread by working hard at her friend (Areesz Ganddi) Neil’s cafe. She falls for her neighbor Benoit (Simon Frenay) but as luck would have it, she also encounters Afzar, who is a regular visitor at the eatery. The rest of Shab showcases the ups and downs in the life of these characters. 

Making his debut, Ashish Bisht is impressive as a struggler. He may seem a bit awkward but that is exactly what his character demands. Raveena Tandon plays the seductress to perfection and makes the most of her complex character. Shab easily belongs to Arpita Chatterjee who is a known name in Bengali films. She is perfectly cast as Raina, a girl who is trying to fight everything that life throws at her.


When a film has multiple storylines running parallel, things can get a bit confusing. Fortunately, that doesn't happen in Shab. No subplot gets neglected and you only wish if the editing would have been a bit tighter. The music which is composed by Mithoon is another highlight of the movie. 

Why You Should Watch The Movie: 

Shab is a slice-of-life film that doesn't take itself too seriously. There are no over-the-top moments and everything is portrayed with subtlety. Overlook the few minor flaws and you wouldn't be disappointed.