Verdict: A father-daughter story amidst picturesque locations and intense action.

Diwali is all about the triumph of good over evil. It is an ideal way to celebrate the festival with the movie that conveys the same message. Ajay Devgn's second caper in the director's chair is a far cry away from his first one. Right from the first look to the trailer release, the audience has been expecting great things from this movie. With intense emotional and action sequences, this film is going to leave you spellbound and glued to your seats. The film's message that a common man under particular circumstances is capable of extraordinary feats is inspiring. Although, if you are expecting some believable action sequences, this isn't that kind of a movie.

The film starts in the Himalayas, where we meet an expert mountaineer Shivaay (Ajay Devgn) for whom waltzing down a mountain only with a help of ropes is just another Tuesday. He also uses his extraordinary skills to conduct treks through stunning and spectacular Himalayas. On one such trek, he meets Olga (Erika Kaar), a Bulgarian who wants a no strings affair with Shivaay. The affair results in the birth of Gaura (Abigail Eames), who is single-handedly raised by Shivaay because Olga didn't want another life holding her down.

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Accidentally, Gaura discovers that her mother is alive contrary to what Shivaay had told her and insists on going to Bulgaria to see her once. Reaching Bulgaria, Shivaay saves a young boy from child trafficking and that's when the trouble starts.

After a while, the storyline bears a startling resemblance to the Hollywood movie Taken but that is not a bad thing. The issue of human trafficking should be spoken about as many times until it's no longer an issue. The film starts exactly where the trailer starts with the breathtaking view of the Himalayas and the titular character on top of a mountain with his trusted chillam. You know as the title track roles in the background, something epic is about to happen and it does as he makes his way down the mountain.

Ajay Devgn has given a lot to this movie. He has donned the hats of the director and the lead of this movie and it suits him well. But we can see he has been taking some tips from his bud Rohit Shetty. Ajay has done an excellent job on the screen too. His transformation from a normal man to the destroyer is complete with no holds barred. The much-talked about wrath of Shiva is visible and it gets your heart thumping.

The newcomers Abigail Eames, Erika Kaar, and Sayyeshaa Saigal have done an excellent job with their respective brief roles but it was an Ajay Devgn show all the way. Also, since it's a story about father-daughter love, there are going to be some "dad jokes", which might make you groan but it will be very familiar to what you hear at home. The CGI in certain scenes and the non-lethal combination of the villains will leave you a tad disappointed but the music and action more than make up for it.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
A perfect package of emotions, action, location and music along with everyone's performance is the perfect Diwali gift you can give yourself and your family this weekend.